Mikasa: Set of 8 Amber Solaris Votive Holders Reviews
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Mikasa: Set of 8 Amber Solaris Votive Holders

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Amber Solaris Gives Ambiance, Romance & Solitude grand illumination!

Jul 20, 2012
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Pros:Light to transport, sturdy flat base to decorate with, accepts flameless candles/tealights too

Cons:Soot can accumulate but can be easily removed. Might shatter if wick is not centered

The Bottom Line: Keep eye on it, don't burn close to flammable stuff, away from drafts, long lasting, maintenance free cept some soot from cheap candles which cleans off easy enough

I am not sure how hot temperature-wise your early into late evenings are but in my backyard, its scorching during the day (cept today of course only reached 74) higher temperatures keep you inside with plenty of light; while at evening time, when that sun is gone, so is warmth but never loss of that amber glow. One of the Mikasa: Set of 8 Amber Solaris Votive Holders can provide a comfortable ambiance even when its not so cold outside that snuggling inside is required, but you want to feel like it is . . .

“What amber glow is she talking about”, you might ask and I would tell you when the sun goes down and the cooler temperatures blow in gently, votive candles set in amber glass colored holders can splash rays of the ‘amber glow‘ around the particular area you want emphasized for romance, conversation or just being with yourself , a significant other or a bunch of people.”

Mikasa products from the Solaris line offer solitude spelled shorter.

Now on with the review . . .


Bright when the flame is on the inside very close to the center that off to the sides will accumulate some black soot residue appearing following a lengthy burning time. If this should happen and those candles that are lesser-quality made or have synthetic wicks instead of the cotton braided ones, will soot-coat your candle holders, wait till they are completely cooled and using a soft tissue wipe gently the inside clean. Soy candles do not do this.

Anyway there are eight simply elegant transparent amber-colored votive candle holders in this Mikasa: Set of 8 Amber Solaris Votive Holders.
Unfortunately candles are not included but a holder will accommodate flameless candles and even tea-light size. They are light but thicker glass for more longer burning times and less chance of shattering.


Mikasa makes china and all sorts of other dining, drink ware, table & flatware, specialty items, home décor and gifts. These candle holders are one of 21 separate styles/patterns Mikasa uses for their decorative home, patio or garden furnishings. Since 1948 buffets and residential dining room tables have been enhanced by fine china, spectacular colors, bold patterns and various shapes and sizes for perfect dining experiences.


According to the Amazon listing on the Mikasa: Set of 8 Amber Solaris Votive Holders product of which the Mikasa website produces no results, the dimensions are Assembled : 4” High x 15” Long x 14” Wide.


If the wick is not exactly in the center, it can weaken the sides of the glass and eventually will break or shatter as it got too hot, burning too long.

If using the tea lights size, I do recommend removing them from their aluminum or metal cup and placing them inside with a little melted wax to snug fit them into the bottom of the votive holder.


If the wick is directly in the middle of the candle, a small pool around it forms which you can swirl the liquid wax on less melted parts and make the center not cave in as this is a perfect circular round-belly base with just the proper wide flat bottom base to allow the semi-melted candle to mold to the glass housing.

Removal of excess wax is not too challenging with the proper well-heated cotton cloth that will glide dried wax off instead of having to see it or remove with a sharp object. These holders are not magnets, most candles even cooled, will pop out with just the slightest pressure to extract it is used.

|| VERDICT (my) ||

A candle holder is a necessity in a home where ambiance, flow, tranquility is sought and then enhanced and with quality of design in mind, Mikasa delivers another great product from their Solaris line. It is unfortunate that Mikasa right now does not show this product as able to purchase so get it at Amazon while they have it, or at least until Mikasa features it in stock again.

Prices vary but isn’t romance, ambiance and warm fuzzy feelings worth it ? I rate these ***** star quality and comfort and appeal.

Thank you for reading and hopefully this was useful to YOU !

*Upon publishing this, I lit the French Vanilla candle in one of the remaining five of this eight piece amber set of votive holders I have owned for quite a few years. What would have been the 12th year anniversary, if love didn’t walk away two long years ago, seem less darkened by fear of being alone as the 'amber glow' fills my space and makes me smile again from the inside out . . .

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