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Mom and Dad Save the World (DVD, 2005)

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Look it's your father in front of Saturn.

Jan 12, 2002
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Pros:Fuuny, Stupid, Silly, not to be taken seriously, Eric Idle.

Cons:Jon Lovitz. Kathy Ireland's loin cloth.

The Bottom Line: It's stupid, funny and we all need something stupid and funny every now and then.

So stupid, its funny. I just found this movie and watched it again after years. THis movie was great. It's about Tod the destroyer, (Lovitz) runs a planet full of idiots. He has a death laser ray and wants to destroy Earth with it. Just when is looking though his mega telescope he sees Marge Nelson, (Terri Gar), and falls in love. He demands she be brought to his planet. Her and her husband Dick(Jeffrey Jones) are about to embark on a weekend get away. Tod the destroyer sucks them up and brings through space in the station wagon they are driving, to their planet. It is pretty to funny to see a station wagon in space. Fish and bulldogs are on the planet and the fish are the girls, and the dogs are the guys. And the humans are all idoits.

They seperate Dick from Marge, and put in Dick in the dungeon, and prepare Marge for the wedding of her to Tod.

Dick escapes and meets up with Raff (Eric Idle), the father of the people who dress like birds to hide. (which is a funny part in the movie, once Dick asks them if they have birds that big on the planet...when they respond no, Dick asks why it work then, and they realize it's a bad idea.) Raff tells Dick to escape, and Dick finally escapes and meets up with Sirk (Dwier Brown) and Semage (Kathy Ireland), Raff's childern. Dick helps them plan the attack on the Tod the destroyer, and get his wife back.

They show Dick their weapons:
Dick: "This looks like a granade"
Sirk: "It's a light pull the pin, place it down and who ever picks it up disappears."
Dick: "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! Who would pick it up?!"
Sirk: (turning granade over showing the words PICK ME UP) "Pick me up! Diabolical isn't?"

They also have rocks as weapons.

They eventually save Marge from the marragie to Jon Lovitz (Thank God, no one should have to marry that man!) and the Earth!

Overall this movie is a VERY stupid comedy, but that's why it's sooo funny. It's got other faces you'll reconginize, like the guy from blossom (Michael Stoyanov), a boy from the T.V show Salute your Shorts (Danny Cooksey), and Wallace Shawn from Princess Bride.

It's worth renting if your in a silly mood. If you would find a planet of idiots being run by an emperor named Tod the destroyer, funny, then see it.

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When an average American housewife becomes the love object of the idiot king of an alien planet, hilarity ensues as her husband attempts to save her a...
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