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Mom and Dad Save the World (DVD, 2005)

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Mom and Dad Save the World

Nov 26, 2010 (Updated Nov 26, 2010)
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Pros:Fun, entertaining movie.

Cons:Silly.  Very simple plot.

The Bottom Line: Mom and Dad Save the World is a bit bizarre at times, but it manages to be a fun, entertaining movie overall.

Thanks to cable and HBO, I have seen a lot of movies over the years that I probably wouldn't have bothered to see otherwise.  I'll leave movies on if I come across one that looks interesting when I'm flipping through channels.  That is how I first saw Mom and Dad Save the World.

Emperor Tod Spengo rules over a planet of people who aren't overly bright.  He wants his planet to be the most powerful in the universe and is planning to destroy Earth.  Before he does, he spots Marge Nelson and immediately falls for her.  Tod then uses a giant magnet to get Marge and her husband Dick on Spengo.  Tod intends to make Marge his wife and sets out to win her heart.  She is treated very well while Dick is sent off to a dungeon where he ends up meeting the rightful king of the planet.  Dick and Marge then try to find a way to stop Tod from destroying Earth.

The plot for Mom and Dad Save the World is fairly simple and straight forward.  Most of what happens is predictable, though there are one or two small things that happen that are slightly surprising.  The story is somewhat original and that helps to make it more interesting and entertaining.  I did enjoy the movie even though the plot could have been stronger.

During the first several minutes of Mom and Dad Save the World, the characters and situation are introduced.  The movie does jump between showing Marge and Dick preparing to go on a trip for their anniversary and Tod on Spengo, planning to destroy Earth.  He is captivated when he sees Marge and he decides that she should be his wife, so he manages to get her and her husband on Spengo.  The majority of the movie takes place on Spengo, with Marge and Dick trying to figure out what is going on.  Even though they aren't sure what is going on, that doesn't make the movie a mystery since the audience knows all along what Tod is planning.

Most of what happens in Mom and Dad Save the World is rather silly.  Tod is slightly smarter than the people of Spengo, but he is still a huge idiot.  The sort of odd things he says and does at times does add a little bit of humor to some scenes.  The people on Spengo are not very bright for the most part.  They all do stupid things, and those things also add a little humor to what is going on.  Some of the people or creatures on Spengo look human.  Others have animal heads and talk with various noises.  Some of them look and sound so bizarre that I can't help but laugh.  Most of the things that are done to add humor are silly.  I think they manage to work for the movie, though some of what happens could be too silly for some viewers.

Special effects do turn up in some scenes of Mom and Dad Save the World.  The majority of the movie takes place on a different planet.  That planet does have other technology.  Most of those things are rather silly looking, though a few do look kind of advanced.  It is very obvious at times that some sort of green screen is being used.  The effects aren't that great, though I have seen worse.  

Marge and Dick are preparing to take a trip to celebrate their twentieth anniversary when Mom and Dad Save the World begins.  They have a decent life, though it does seem like they are in a bit of a rut and taking each other for granted in some ways.  Tod does shower Marge with attention, something that Dick hasn't done for a while.  She does sort of enjoy some of the attention, though it is clear that she isn't interested in Tod in a romantic way.  Everything going on does make Marge and Dick realize a few things about their marriage and their feelings for each other.  While their marriage is very important to what is going on, I don't really think of the movie as romantic.

Marge and Dick go through a lot in Mom and Dad Save the World.  Marge probably changes the most, going from being a kind of dowdy housewife to being more confident and taking some pride in her appearance.  She is a nice and likable character.  Terri Garr is fine in the part.  Dick clearly loves his wife, though he hasn't done as well at telling her that for a while.  He ends up being very resourceful.  Jeffrey Jones does really well in the part.

Tod is in control on Spengo, but only because he took over and sent the true ruler to the dungeon.  Tod does seem to have some issues and he wants to be the most powerful ruler in the universe.  That is why he plans to blow up earth.  He is a huge idiot and a bit annoying at times.  Jon Lovitz does fine with the part.  General Afir is basically the second in command on Spengo.  He is a bit smarter than most of the others on the planet and he doesn't always agree with Tod.  Afir doesn't really do that much though.  Several others on the planet are shown without being developed.  Kathy Ireland shows up briefly in a few scenes barely wearing anything.

Main Cast

Terri Garr - Marge
Jeffrey Jones - Dick
Jon Lovitz - Tod

Greg Beeman - Director

I think that Mom and Dad Save the World is available on DVD, though I don't know for sure.  I have only seen the movie when it has been on one of the HBO channels I get.  

Mom and Dad Save the World doesn't have a lot of character development and the plot is rather simple and silly.  Despite those things, the movie ends up being kind of fun and entertaining. It isn't going to appeal to some people.

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