Monster Turbine Pro Copper Professional In-Ear only Headphones - Copper

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Good Sound, Bad Ergonomics

Sep 9, 2010 (Updated Sep 9, 2010)
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Pros:Great sound;  Quality construction; Nice packaging.

Cons:Terrible ergonomics;  Poor fitment;  loud cord;  lack of "L" jack at this price point.

The Bottom Line: They say sound is everything; they are wrong  Poor ergonomics hamstrings this product to the point of uselessness.

I purchased the Monster Turbine "In Ear Speakers" (earbuds) for $100 on  I wanted a premium headphone, but didn't want to pay the price for Shure's.
The product is packaged very much like you'd expect from a premium product.  It comes in a velour slipcase and accompanying documentation and celebrity quotes detailing how wonderful their headphones were--and they're right, but only to a point.

The headphones appear and feel like a high quality product.  The cable is thicker than the norm, as you might expect from Monster Cable.  The jack, while gold-plated, is straight.  At this price point I would have appreciated an "L" type plug so I wouldn't have to worry about it jamming the jack on my ipod when I carry it in my pocket.  The buds themselves are made of soft, pliable, silicon.

One thoughtful feature:  The right bud is red, and the left bud is blue.  It's nice to not have to look for the "L" or "R".

The headphones are metal rather than plastic, which seems a classy touch.  But this is where the trouble begins.  While sitting absolutely still the Turbines produce great sound (crisp highs and stellar rich lows, without any hint of boominess), but if you move...uh oh.

They won't stay sealed in my ear!  And if I have the temerity to jog, they fall right out.  I think this is caused by a combination of factors:  The all-metal headphone enclosures are too heavy; the silicone buds are overly soft and shallow; and the heavyweight cord tugs relentlessly.

I've tried all four of the included ear bud sizes and even purchased some aftermarket soft foam buds.  The foam buds helped but the headphones where then too uncomfortable to wear.

On top of it all, the robust cord also transmits too much external noise.  When I tried jogging with them, the "vip, vip, vip" sound was too annoying to endure.

I tried using them as "sitting in front of the computer only" earphones, but even then if I turned my head suddenly or bent over I'd have to readjust the headphones every time.

I've gone back to my Sony earbuds.  No, they don't sound that great, but they're much easier to live with.

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