God Bless Freddy Mercury

Aug 25, 2003
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Pros:It's Queen for god's sake. this is the top of the heap for rock.

Cons:Body Language... just did not like it at all.

The Bottom Line: Queen at their greatest... go buy it or face the consequences.

Lord, where do i begin with this album? I suppose with a bit of my own history with this album...
I was about six years old i suppose when i first heard it... and it hit me like a ton of bricks. i don't know what it was about queen that drew me to them (it sure as hell wasn't we will rock you), but they did it for me, and i spent a good 3 years prancing around the house to this album. i recall being yelled at after church one day, cause my mother heard me humming "don't stop me now" during the gospel.
needless to say, this album holds a very special place in my heart... my original copy that my mother got me is still somehow clinging to life, and when it dies, i doubt ill dispose of it... this album is just a great showcase of what rock and roll should be. one listen to this album and you know, freddy mercury was put on this earth to sing... and sing he did, til the very end. im gonna do a good song by song thing now...

we will rock you... this song just infuriates me now, but that's only due to repetition... everyone's heard this song, no use in saying how great it is. 10/10

we are the champions... still an absolutely great song... anyone who has never heard this song deserves to be shot... and shot they shall be if i have anything to do with it... just a classic, 'nuff said. 10/10

another one bites the dust... one of the catchiest bass lines ever, and one of the songs that would launch weird al to stardom. freddy is absolutely great in this song, putting as much attitude into it as he can, and pulling it off great. 10/10

killer queen... a very fruity, limp wristed, fancy queen song... and i absolutely love it... queen had a weird way of pulling of songs that would sound very classy, and still absolutely destroy anyone nearby with them. 10/10

somebody to love... great song, one of my personal favorite's. oddly enough, the background vocals of this song make it so great and different. great song for any lonely person who wants to cry and scream at the top of there lungs at the same time. 10/10
just occured to me that no one wants to read my rantings... ill just rate the rest.

fat bottomed girls- 10/10
bicycle race- 9/10
you're my best friend- 9/10
crazy little thing called love-9/10
Now i'm here- 8/10
play the game-10/10
seven seas of rhye-8/10
body language-6/10
save me-10/10
don't stop me now- 10/10
good old fashioned lover boy- 9/10
i want to break free- 9/10

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