Recorded in the USA--but Lee Greenwood has God Blessed the USA yet ?

Apr 22, 2011 (Updated Apr 22, 2011)
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Pros:This music makes a great point, 10 songs, bargain prices

Cons:Some places no longer carry the audio cassette version

The Bottom Line: Bargain price, not a twangy voice, sashaying country appeal to dance to, curl up with & the xmas song is nice all year

Yes the United States is a wonderful place to live provided you are content in your geographic area that offers all the amenities you could ask for and if the area does not that you are free to roam into another area without being apprehended for whatever reason. Okay in some places ‘no trespassing’ means just that but this is America right ?

To be proud to be an American can be quite challenging for some of us who witness destruction at the hands of man and woman and even child. The country may be filled with opportunity but at what cost should a person pay to receive such ? To figure things out and find a good place to sand on things, I use deductive reasoning, logic, emotion and reflection. It seems so do performers in the music industry as I listen to many genres of music in all categories by many different personalities.

Lee Greenwood is an American country singer who with his not twangy irritating country drawl, he sings mostly stories of what he has seen and felt over the last three decades. He delights folks in a sashaying type of country rhythm that you can slow dance to, curl up with or just put those headphones on and climb inside yourself. He offers values of a good Christian man who believes in love and patriotism as strongly as you do the marriage between bread and butter.

Lee Greenwood and his guitar are a match made in country bliss with grace, faith, and awareness that speckle most of his anthems to both God and his country. He is humbly proud not angered arrogant. This album God Bless the USA: The Best of Lee Greenwood by Lee Greenwood is one to have in your country classics if you have nothing else by this guy.

Now on with the review . . .

|| Chart Status & Tidbits ||

This American born country singer has over 35 singles charted as well as releasing more than 20 albums on major record labels while achieving seven #1 hits spanning his 30+ musical career.

|| THE SONGS, in general ||

Some of them are slow some of them are fast on God Bless the USA: The Best of Lee Greenwood by Lee Greenwood but since appearing on the country music scene in the 80’s when America was in its 9th decade of the 20th century and we were entertaining and embracing positive economic and social growth, Greenwood gave patriotism a fervent push.

“God Bless the USA” (re-recorded in 2001 and stood at #16 for a long time) is just a great song and even if you know nothing about the perils of living in an under-developed country or one where freedom is just a spelled word with little meaning, then this song on this God Bless the USA: The Best of Lee Greenwood by Lee Greenwood collection at the bargain price you see in cost, is well worth the listen.

The other nine songs are re-recorded studio and live versions of ten picked by avid listeners from Billboard chart success, songs with equal meaning to finding hope and maintaining a good attitude.


None of the songs Lee sings on God Bless the USA: The Best of Lee Greenwood by Lee Greenwood here have a downing effect yet the ability to encourage from misguided expectations, this album of choice songs, delivers a reality that faced hundreds of Americans when reading about other calamities.

While the United States was celebrating, suffering and much civil discontent was felt throughout the world. In the Middle East alone in the 80’s there were 5 separate horrible war and war-related incidents which ripped families apart. There were still terrorist attacks, civil wars and coups but America had Lee Greenwood to remind us how we were still prospering in the face of mass destruction . . .

To listen to song #10 is to be in the sense of patriotism without even being patriotic so you are more ‘involved’ than you were before you heard the words . . .

|| PRODUCT FEATURES (extras, bonus cuts, interviews etc) ||

A simple insert with a song tack listing and lyrics accompanied by were in the God Bless the USA: The Best of Lee Greenwood by Lee Greenwood audio cassette version I purchased in 1999.


I would say the entire collection can make you feel better about something once you’ve listened to each word in every song. It has meaning from a story-tellers sense and a musician-ship that combines thought with music and arrives at a simple understanding of emotional fortitude.

|| Where to Buy ||

This of course depends on whether you want it legally downloaded online or buying God Bless the USA: The Best of Lee Greenwood by Lee Greenwood through Amazon for under $6.oo requesting either the Audio Compact Disc version or the cassette. I bought the cassette in 1999 for $3.99


The singer was born in the USA, hails pride in being an American and recorded this in the USA as God was blessing his endeavor to teach us something about patriotism. It is one of the better ism’s out here but it can still separate cultures if we do not stop to realize being an American is great, being an American of different nationality than your neighbor and being friends, real friends GENUINE GREAT !

Let country and all other good music bring us together as some things still loom in the USA that are keeping us apart. We are all the HUMAN RACE and only different by gender, culture and how we perceive our own culture and ones in a different culture.
All it takes is a subtle cajoling of the sweet simple blissful country-spirit that dwells deep beneath the chaos, the noise, the less enthusiasm of being American and how superiority kills not entertains longevity. Wih a bent ear, listen to the messages on God Bless the USA: The Best of Lee Greenwood by Lee Greenwood and ask, "If God is really going to bless this USA shouldn't we be humbly proud not arrogant of who we are and what we have yet to become ? "

I feel we must ALL work together to see that the USA is not acting like a superior country but humbling itself as an imperfect country needing and accepting help from all other countries on this planet. In music the avenues are there, shall we listen to our iner guide and walk it with confidence not arrogance ?

I recommend God Bless the USA: The Best of Lee Greenwood by Lee Greenwood this collection and rate this **** stars

Thank you for listening, uhhm reading and

Enjoy !

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