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Dude Ranch = The Good Ranch

Sep 2, 2004
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Pros:Original lyrics, faster paced - it's their best album

Cons:Apple Shampoo IS poo

The Bottom Line: It's their best work... ever

This is the greatest Blink 182 album ever... fact. When 14 out of 15 songs on the album score over 7 out of 10 in my book - this album is one of the few albums around that deserves that title "All Killer, No Filler."
From the start, you're shocked into hearing one of the best and loudest thrashing guitar riffs that came out of the 1990's - and you're led into the most passionate delivery of drumming and vocals ever put on a CD. Listen to the chorus when the guitar riff comes in and you can't help but feel inspired... "I think I'm different... but this is where I belong (cue guitar)." This song is far from Pathetic.
In the next track Voyeur, we get to sample some of the delightful humour in DeLonge and Hoppus' writing. Lyrics like "I can't be too cool in a tree with my pants down" combined with playful guitar riffs and some ecentric drumming are just a taster of what's to come.
'Dammit' is in the top 5 tracks on the album. It has the catchiest guitar riff and melody, along with the most commercial lyrics so it's easy to see why it was their breakthrough hit single in the US. When I say commercial - I'm not just talking "All The Small Things" commercial. The lyrics can appeal to anyone who's ever been in a teenage relationship with another 'human' and the track is possibly given anthemic status with the tag line "Well I guess this is growing up!" Simple but ingenius.
Track 4 'Boring' admittedly is a filler, but the guitar lick at the bridge prevents it from living up to its title.
Dick Lips is the second best song on the album after Pathetic. The bass chords and drumming at the intro are phenomenly catchy, and De Longe backs it up with a catchy melody to the humorous lyrics of his I mentioned beforehand. There's nothing more wonderfully ridiculous than listening to a 21 year old man child whining in that brattish voice of his "Please mom! you ground me all the time, I know that I was right all along."
This track deals with that age old problem - your parents going ballistic after catching you drinking, only to go out and get hammered themselves (with the rent money). Or is that just me?
Track 6, Waggy, is the third best track on the album. It's about a guy who's split up with his girl, but is thinking about all the stuff they could have done to make it work. The song is held together with some tight drumming courtesy of Scott Raynor in the pre Travis days. The funniest and probably serious line in the song comes at us just before a classic DeLonge scratchy guitar riff...
"I know I'll get it right but I don't know when,
I'll open my eyes, I've got something inside,
I'll just jack off in my room until then." Too true.
'Enthused' is a 7 out of 10 track about a guy who is being ignored by his girl. It's starts off with about a minute of guitar riffs from Tom, leading us to him screaming convincingly "She doesn't care at all, about those times we never shared a t all!"
Track 8, Untitled, is also another 7 out of 10. Its starts off at a slow pace, with a simple bass riff and reserved drumming. We get to hear Tom's voice more clearly here - and the lyrics are really driven home. Tom sings "I think a while ago, we might have had it all... and playing those games as I wait for your call, but now I give up so goodbye and so long" - and the guitar and drums pick up before the song punks out in classic style.
Apple shampoo is preceded by Mark reassuring horrified girls over the health of his genitals - followed funnily with the line "I didn't mean to deceive believe me..." The song has decent lyrics about breaking up not shampoo or apples - but it is sung to a horrible melody and I can't bear it sometimes.
Emo picks up where they left off before Apple Shampoo . The lazy guitar intro reminds me of track 6 for some reason but the melody and lyrics sung mostly by Hoppus create a powerful sense of frustration... "One more time you will laugh about it... and I don't care he is such a dick, he treats you like you are a stupid wh*re."
'Josie', the next track, was a single I think - but i can't think why. It starts off with some lazy guitar work and rubbish lyrics like "Yeah my girlfriend... takes me home when I'm to drunk to drive... and she doesn't get all jealous when I hang out with the guys." But Hoppus does go into tender detail later on and the melody picks up - giving it a 7 out of 10 in the end.
A New Hope like Pathetic, starts off with all instruments flying in unison. This has an amazing guitar riff at the intro... and the drums take you into a decent melody and chorus even if the lyrics are disturbing. Hoppus sings "Princess Leia where are you tonight?" Maybe he dreams of the perfect girl, or he's just masturbating over Star Wars.
Degenerate starts off with a slow pace bass riff, giving us space to hear the marvellous lyrics about Tom's encounter with the law. Then it hits you with an inaudible fast paced chorus - full of lyrics you'll only delight in hearing if you read the album sleeve while listening... Tom screams "Smoked a bong, killed a cat, had my nuts attacked by rats" followed by a mad guitar solo for the finish. There is a cute trick in here where they pause after the chorus for a second and jump straight into it again after you think the madness was over.
Lemmings is more lazy guitar at the start - which picks up for the best ending on the album. Hoppus finishes with a brilliant melody and poignant lyrics like "But people are what they wanna be, and not Lemmings to the sea... maybe it's time that you looked at yourself, stop blaming life on someone else."
Then we are led into the 3rd best song on the album "I'm Sorry." This starts off slowly with a wonderful guitar piece... that creates the mood for Tom to sing "Don't bide your time cos it is almost over, and I know you're down but I'll see you around." Then it jumps into a fast paced rhythm with the same slow melancholy melody. It works well and finshes on a hight with Hoppus shouting "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" over Tom's words and a classic scratchy guitar riff to close.
Then Mark lets his dog drink his urine. Don't ask, just listen.

Pathetic 10/10
Voyeur 9
Dammit 10
Boring 8
Dick Lips 10
Waggy 10
Enthused 7
Untitled 8
Apple Shampoo 5
Emo 8
Josie 7
A New Hope 9
Degenerate 9
Lemmings 9
I'm Sorry 10

Recommend this product? Yes

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