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Apr 8, 2001
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Pros:Some Funny Bits; Good Music; Well Thought-Up Lyrics

Cons:Sick and Twisted Lyrics; Lots Of Swearing

The Bottom Line: It's just comedy, swearing, insults and great lyrics put into 14 great songs and 4 okay skits.

The Grammy nominated Marshall Mathers LP, by Eminem, is the only album that I want to go out and buy. Unfortunately, I'm under 18 and, I'm not sure if it's only in New Zealand, but there's a $20,000 fine (or something like that) for selling the Marshall Mathers LP to people under 18 years of age. But I've heard all the songs, and I love almost all of them.

1. Public Service Announcement - This is short (0:27) and funny the first few times it is heard, but gets annoying after a while.

2. Kill You - A song (4:26) that is quite good. The word sl*t is used more in this song than any other.

3. Stan - Long song (6:46) that is great. One of the 3 songs they actually played on the radio frequently. It is a very different song, that tells a story about a guy named Stan who is a fan of Eminem who writes letters to him. This song is a little disturbing.

4. Paul - A short (0:13) skit that isn't really funny, that is really just a bit of a waste of time.

5. Who Knew - A song (3:49) that is very good. It is Eminem singing about the effects of his music, and that he didn't realize what he's done. It also has a bit of music that is just fun to listen to.

6. Steve Berman - A short (0:55) skit that is a little funny at first, but becomes boring fast. It's okay.

7. Way I Am - A song (4:51) that is Eminem letting off a little steam, singing about how he's annoyed at the press and the fans that go to far. It is the second song that was placed frequently on the radio. It's a great song.

8. Real Slim Shady - A song (4:46) that is really just a song made to make people laugh and be disgusted. It's lyrics are about no particular topic, just a whole lot of topics put into one song. This is the last of the 3 songs which was played frequently played on the radio. This sounds great for a while, but after hearing it too much, it gets boring.

9. Remember Me - A song (3:40) that also has no particular topic, but it is a great song.

10. I'm Back - A song (5:12) that is just really saying he's back. It's a good song, that slowly gets boring, but, for me, it still hasn't got to the point that when it comes to it on the CD, I skip it.

11. Marshall Mathers - A song (5:22) that is just great and long lasting. It is a song explaining that he's just a normal guy, that now he's famous, everyone has changed their view on him.

12. Ken Kaniff - A short (1:03) skit that insults the Insane Clown Posse, but having ICP suck a guy called Ken. It's extremely disgusting and I skip it each time I get to it. It is a waste of time, and is only funny for 1 to 2 times.

13. Drug Ballad - A song (5:02) that is kind of about drugs, but it is a very good song.

14. Amityville - A song (4:16) which is one of the best songs on the LP. It is great with a catchy chorus.

15. Bi*ch Please Part 2 - A song (4:49) a very good song that doesn't get boring easily.

16. Kim - The best song (6:19) on the album. It is quite disturbing. It has a lot of swearing, shouting and in the end, Eminem slits Kim's (his wife) throat. It is banned (in some countries at least) and is not on the edited version of the LP. This rulez!

17. Under The Influence - A song (5:24) that takes a while to get boring. It has a bit of a catchy chorus, which has quite a bit of swearing: So you can suck my d**k if you don't like my sh*t; cause I was high when wrote this, so suck my d**k.

18. Criminal - A song (5:19) that is great. It is about, well, maybe him being a criminal. It starts off with him saying that just because he talks about it in a song doesn't mean he means it or he'll do it.

That's the whole album, all 18 songs. So, go get the album and you be the judge, because I say it's the best LP currently available, and I say, if you like rap, music and/or swearing, then you'll probably like this. I do.

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