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Jan 19, 2004
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Pros:ROTFL funny. Goes for the belly laughs.

Cons:Some may find humor offensive.

The Bottom Line: This is very naughty material sure to get a laugh!


Since Jeff Foxworthy’s phenomenally successful ”You Might Be A Redneck If…”, there have been a string of “redneck chic” comedians like Ron White and Bill Engvall, with Larry the Cable Guy being the funniest of the four. ”Lord I Apologize…” is Larry’s completely unapologetic debut album:

”My wife is mad at me because she sent me out to get the video “Scent of A Woman” and I came back with “A Fish Called Wanda.”

Larry made his name from joining Jeff Foxworthy’s 2000 ”Blue Collar Tour” with White and Engvall. Like Foxworthy, Larry can both tell a joke and play a mean guitar riff. His material is still the best from that album.

This album is recorded from live material dating back to 2001. It is basically a continuous stand up routine divided into 12 routines and 2 extras. It features some of the best of his earlier material and a whole batch of new analogies and family observations. Unfettered from the bonds of political correctness, Larry pokes fun at everything from the pygmies of New Guinea to incest to mocking his grandmother having a dump in the bathroom: ”Grandma, why don’t you drop that chalupa and come out here and talk to me.”. Perhaps, being (according to my colleagues) anally retentive, I found the toilet humor ROTFL (roll on the floor laughing) funny.

Larry’s humor is slyly geared a level or two below the normalcy of “Joe Sixpack”. His humor is as wonderfully liberating as it is widely directed. No ethnic or social target is missed: Mexican, Chinese, Gays (”Thank God for women, or we’d be a nation of queers.”), red heads, red necks(”You ever pass out drunk in your car and wake up the next morning and find yourself in the middle of a flea market?”), women, Iraqi’s, even Larry King. He is an equal opportunity insulter in the best tradition of Don Rickles or Eddie Murphy.

But hiding behind that Southern drawl, Larry is a master of the stand up routine. He borrows inspiration from Steven Wright:”I tried smoking mushrooms once, but I couldn’t keep the pizza lit.” and Jerry Seinfeld: ”I once dated a girl who had so much hardware on her that when I was making love to her, I felt like I was tuning up my pickup truck at the same time.”.

I get this sense particularly because he is so good with analogies. ”That’s more frustrating than asking Jessie Jackson to pick up a white courtesy telephone” . Anyone familiar with Graduate School Admissions may remember the Miller Analogies Test which tests the applicant’s ability to analogize, and where the highest scores denote the highest intelligences. And so, the listener gets the sense that underneath that hick exterior lurks the mind of a MENSA member ”As frustrated as a deaf mute playing bingo, getting bingo, and trying to shout bingo.”. Larry actually devotes a whole section to his analogies. He also includes a section on ”Letters to Toddlers” where he answers made up letters from Toddlers named Abu, and a bonus song called Lord I Apologize… featuring some of his playing.

This is the funniest thing that I have heard in a long time. Where David Sedaris is droll (see my review at The Wittiest Elf, catering to the crowd that watches ”Frasier”, Larry is outrageously low brow, catering to the crowd that likes the ”The Simpsons” or ”The King of the Hill”.

I admit that this album is not for everyone. Some people might even find his jokes down right offensive (”Git R Done!). But I couldn’t help laughing and cheering for the Cable Guy when he visits the gym, and the woman who asks him to spot her is so fat that ”if she jumped into the air she would get stuck.”. His wonderfully juvenile punch lines tickled me so hard that my sides hurt from the laughing.

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