Not her best, but good... Really good.

May 16, 2004 (Updated May 16, 2004)
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Pros:Good sound, great flow from beginning to end. High quality music.

Cons:Only 40 minutes long, 10 tracks, enhanced CD doesn't work well.

The Bottom Line: This album is worth the money I paid for it. You might be a tad disappointed with the length, or lack thereof for an Alanis album. Strong 10 tracks, though.

So you're looking at grabbing up the latest of Alanis Morissette's productions. You won't be dazzled, but you won't be disappointed either.

I picked up this album as soon as I could. Alanis' music can be some of my favourite music. Her vocabulary always stuns me, and the depth of her music is matched by few.

After all is said and done, this album is good. It's lacking some things which make Alanis stand out above other artists, such as her vocabulary usage, and the depth is a little more on the 'written for radio' level instead of what I'm used to with Ms. Morissette.

As I mentioned in the pros, this is one of the better produced albums I've come across in my day. It flows from track to track without making you want to turn it off at any given point. Some of the tracks are a tad repetitive in their choruses but the songs don't go on too long and as such it isn't too long before you've got a different beat.

The sound on this album significantly differs from her previous work. Some of the tracks are more electronica, some are soft rock, and some are quieter tracks. This, in my opinion, is quite the change from her earlier, thrashy, heavier music. This doesn't by any means make the music bad, but, it doesn't make it as interesting as Alanis' music usually is.

Something I've noticed about these tracks are that they're very easy to hum along to. Coming back to my 'written for radio' comment, I would suspect to see & hear a lot of these catchy tunes on the music channels as well as radio. This excites me, because this is certainly more talented music than much of the drab which tends to get released.

I know exactly what is missing from this album. It's all those neat songs in between the hits that have nothing more than her voice and maybe a piano or distortion guitar. All those fun tracks where Alanis went wild with lyrics of hate, love, remorse, passion. If anything is missing from this album, that's what it is. These were also largely missing from Under Rug Swept, but the remaining tracks didn't stray far from that.

The album itself is only 40 minutes long, or therabouts. Given Alanis' history, this is the only part of the album that disappointed me. All you get here is 10 tracks. Compare that to Supposed Former's 17 tracks and 1h11m of play time, and you'll see why I'm still a little thirsty for more. Even her Under Rug Swept album had a play time of 50 minutes.

Enhanced CD
There are quite a few features which I'd like to view on my home PC, but after trying it on two computers (Windows 2000 + Windows XP), I've given up on viewing the extended content which resides on this CD.

A Few Tracks
"Everything", the first single to be released from this album, is so far my favourite song on the album. A nice soft flow, catchy tune too. Perhaps placing this song at the end of the album was a wrong idea... because it really does leave the listener thirsty for more.

"So-Called Chaos" is the track which gets closest to classic Alanis. The drums are certainly unconventional for the North American music market. I like it.

"This Grudge", one of the slower softer songs on the album. Very nice tune. It serves as a true tribute to Alanis' talent.

So I've highlighted the good, how about the bad, or ugly?
To be entirely honest, there is no bad or ugly on this album. The fat has been trimmed heavily from this album, and what made it to production is high quality music.

In Conclusion
I really don't regret buying the album at all. Its quality surpasses that of much of the music industry right now. I just wish it lived up to Alanis' usual standards is all. I'll get over it :)

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