The Best Studio Album by The Beatles

Apr 7, 2004
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Pros:The Best album by The Beatles (and that's saying something!!!)


The Bottom Line: What else can I say? This is a fine collection of music styles from the greatest band in history.

While many would say "Sgt Pepper" or "Revolver" are the greatest Beatles albums, I would go for "Rubber Soul". By the time this album was released in 1966, The Beatles had topped the charts ten times and sold more records than any band in the history of music (a record which they still hold today).
The album begins with the up beat "Drive my car", sung by Paul McCartney and has the famous catchy "beep beep, beep beep, yeah" vocals sung at the end of the chours. (In England this song is used on Virgin FM Radio as a jingle for Travell information). The next track, sung by John Lennon, "Norwegian Wood", is another famous song from the album. Sligtly Indian influenced, this is really the 1st indication of the "Summer of love" that was soon to follow (and would be more evident in the next couple of albums by The Beatles). "You won't see me" is a plain pop song sung by Paul, but that dosen't make it bad, it's an enjoyable number and like most Beatles albums tracks would have been a worthy single. "Nowhere man", which follows it, would have also made a great single and is one of the albums finest moments, easily one of the best tracks here. Sung by John with excellent backing from the other guys, this is a very emotional song about life in general. The next two songs "Think for yourself" (Sung by George Harrsion) and "The Word" (Sung by Paul) have a very summary feel, espically "The Word", which actually mentions the summeritme in the lyrics. The next track "Michelle" (by Paul) is one of my personal favorites. It's a beautiful and simple love song. "What goes on" follows it and this is sung by Drummer, Ringo Starr, track he co-wrote with stalwart songwriters Lennon/McCartney. It's a little country and western and shows the beatles could turn their talents to any style. "Girl" (by John), although it's ok, is one of my lesser favorites, although many people I know love it,so i'll let you be the judge of that. Next up is Paul's "I'm looking through you" an acoustic/Rock N Roll number, one of the albums lesser known tracks, but an excellent song nonetheless. The next track, "In My Life", by John, is probabaly everyones favorites. Excellent support from the other guy's here, it's a song about finding the love of your life and one that pulls at the heartstrings. If the album ended here, it would still be one of the greatest albums ever made. So it's a great bonus to know their is more to come and it dosen't dissapoint. "Wait" takes the mode down somewhat and has the simple but effective-ness of The Beatles earlier work from their debut album, such as "Please Please me", "Misery" and "Love me do", even though, of course, it's much more polished, this is sung as a duet by John and Paul. "If I needed someone" is one of the waker moments on the album, but when it's a weak moment on the best album by the ebst band of all-time, it survives. The final track on the album is a fun, but haunting song by John and Paul called "Run for your life", which opens with the lyrics "I'd rather see you dead little girl, than to be with another man" (this sets the pase for the rest of the song).
I can't really say anything bad about this album. Although it's only one of many studio Beatles albums, it reflects better than most bands carrer-long "Greatest Hit's" packages. That's not to say this is "the only beatles album you will need", although if it was the only one you bought, you would still have a rich understanding of them. This is recommended if all you own so far is a greatest hits collection, or if you own other Beatles albums and not this. Just put it into your CD player and enjoy......... Yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH!

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