Plush Mushu Beanie: Enjoy Your Own Miniature Dragon

Apr 13, 2012
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Pros:Adorable, fun to play with

Cons:Might be hard to find

The Bottom Line: My girls love watching Mulan, so they were just thrilled with this Mushu beanie. 

A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a consignment sale.  It was great to go through my basement and clear out all the baby gear and toys that we are no longer using.  Of course, my favorite part of this semi-annual sale is the SHOPPING!  I always find treasures, and the spring sale was no exception. 

I found the Mushu beanie on a table with several other Disney beanies and assorted small plush characters. Mushu still had his tags, and the seller was only asking for $2 for him. Two of my girls like the movie Mulan very much, so I knew that they would enjoy this little beanie.  I happily added Mushu to my purchase pile, and brought him home. 

In the Mulan movie, Mushu plays a wisecracking dragon who assists Mulan in her quest.  He is a very fun and jovial character, and this is reflected in the beanie.  Mushu is only about six inches tall from his head to his rump, but he is in a sitting position, so his legs and tail stick out, making him appear a little bit bigger.   

Mushu is a red dragon, but he has an orange belly, pink pads on his feet, an orange mustache, and blue horns.  He is a very colorful character!  Mushu’s mouth is open, and his eyes are bulging.   Mushu is filled with beans.  These help to keep him in his sitting position. 

I was very excited to find the Mushu beanie.  There are lots of Disney movies, and it can be hard to find merchandise for some of the characters.  The Disney Store tends to have things for movies that are currently in theatres, or newly released/rereleased on DVD, but otherwise, merchandise can be scarce.  There does tend to be a wider variety of merchandise at Disney World.  We are planning a trip there at the end of the spring, but there is no guarantee that we would be able to find any Mushu products.    When I saw the Mushu beanie at the consignment sale, I knew it was a rare opportunity to pick up a stuffed Mushu. 

My girls are just absolutely delighted with him.  They pick him up, and they hug him, and they hold him while they watch Mulan.  I like that he is relatively compact, and that he does not take up too much room. 

Judging by his tags, Mushu was sold at the Disney Store, and the Disney Parks as well.  Needless to say, this is a retired item.  Your best bet is to look on the secondary market, at places like Amazon Marketplace and Ebay.  When it comes to tracking down a retired item, everyone is going to have a different price threshold.  Mushu’s original price was $7.      

I do want to note that there appears to be a different Mushu beanie that has a voicebox with some phrases from the movie.  This 6 inch Mushu beanie does not have a voicebox.  If you are on the hunt for a Mushu beanie, you should definitely ask questions so that you can determine which one you are buying.   

I would definitely recommend the Mushu beanie.  I think that Mushu is the perfect size.  He is big enough to play with, and he doesn’t take up enough room.  He is filled with beans, so he can be displayed on a shelf or desk.  It might be difficult to track him down.  He seems to be going for much more than his full retail value in the secondary market, but if you can track down a Mushu, you don’t be disappointed! 

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