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Twins - Arnold Schwarzeneggar in His First Comedy

Oct 22, 2002
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Pros:Funny, entertaining movie

Cons:It is a bit silly and unrealistic

The Bottom Line: Twins was a fun movie to watch for mindless entertainment

Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie's plot.

I do like all kinds of movies. Lately, I have been watching several comedies, usually on television late at night. I am taking a work related class that continues to stress me out, and watching some mindless funny movies has helped to relieve that stress - at least until I start to think about the class again, or actually have to go to it again. One of the movies I watched recently was Twins, a comedy in which Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Danny DeVito play twin brothers. I have seen this movie several times over the years, and I still enjoy watching it.


There was a genetic experiment to create the perfect baby. DNA from seven men was combined. There was one mother that was artificially inseminated. When she gave birth, it seemed like the experiment was a success. The baby was perfect, but something unexpected happened. There was a second baby who was much smaller and far from perfect. The babies were separated from their mother and each other. They had very different childhoods.

Julius Benedict, the perfect twin, was raised on a tropical island by one of the doctors involved in the experiment. He had a happy childhood. He was well educated, physically fit, and ate right. He was polite and well mannered, though he was naive about some things. Julius had never been off the island, so he didn’t have any experience being around other people. He had been told that his mother died and he had been unaware that he had a brother. Once Julius found out that he did have a brother, he headed off to find his brother.

Vincent Benedict was completely different from Julius. Vincent kept getting mixed up in shady business deals. He was always trying to find a way to make a lot of money fast and he usually ended up in some sort of trouble as a result. He frequently went to his girlfriend Linda for money to get him out of trouble. Linda’s sister Marnee didn’t like Vincent at all. He had no idea that he had a brother.

Vincent’s latest scheme went wrong and he ended up in jail. Julius arrived in town and tracked his brother down. He was very excited to find his brother. Vincent didn’t believe they were related, but he took advantage of the situation and got Julius to bail him out of jail. Vincent tried to ditch Julius, but he kept turning up, determined to get to know his long lost brother. Even though the men looked very different, they did have a few things in common, and did a few things exactly the same way. Vincent had a letter that stated that his mother hadn’t died. He had been feeling bitter about that because it meant that she abandoned him and he had to grow up in orphanages. Julius was thrilled because he thought it meant that they could find her and meet her. He thought that maybe she had been lied to about them too. Julius did track down one of the seven men, went to see him, and learned where his mother might be.

Vincent got messed up in something related to a stolen car and the contents of the trunk. Vincent made a deal to take the car to someone. Julius, Linda, and Marnee ended up going along. Marnee was very interested in Julius, but he had no idea how to respond to her. Julius convinced Vincent that they should stop to try to find their mother because it was on the way.

Did Julius and Vincent find their mother? What happened with the car and what was in the trunk? What happened between Julius and Marnee? Watch the movie to find out.


Arnold Schwarzeneggar - Julius Benedict
Danny DeVito - Vincent Benedict
Kelly Preston - Marnee
Chloe Webb - Linda

Ivan Reitman - Director

William Davies and William Osbourne - Writers

Twins was made in 1988 and rated PG. It was 105 minutes long. This was a fun, mostly light hearted movie. There were a few more serious scenes in the movie. I can’t remember for sure now, but I think there were a few swear words used in the movie. The word that rhymes with luck wasn’t used during the movie. I think it would be alright for children to see this movie, though younger children may not be able to follow the plot and could get bored.

Twins was a comedy that had some action in it. There was a bad guy in the movie, and he did get violent a few times. The violence wasn’t extreme. It was nothing like you’d see in many other Arnold - I’m not using his last name anymore in this review because it is too hard to spell - movies, but it could be enough to upset some people. There was a little bit of action in the movie too. Twins really wasn’t suspenseful, but there were a few times when I didn’t know what would happen next. The movie wasn’t serious at all, so it didn’t make me think. In fact it was rather silly and unbelievable at times, but it was enjoyable to watch.

I thought that Twins was a very funny movie. Julius had been raised on an island by one man. He was educated, but he had no idea how to function or survive out in the world. When he arrived, he didn’t really fit it. He stood out everywhere he went because he was just bigger than everyone else around, and he was dressed a bit differently too. When Julius started to learn about some things, it was rather funny. He learned to drive a car by reading the owner’s manual. He really loved driving, and he somehow ended up getting the car up on two wheels. Vincent’s reactions to Julius at times were also funny. Vincent was very shocked when he saw Julius without his shirt for the first time. Julius was had well-developed muscles, and Vincent made the comment that Julius was swollen and wondered what was wrong. Just the concept that Arnold and Danny DeVito were twins was funny. They didn’t look anything alike. One time, Julius and Vincent went shopping and got matching outfits. I thought it was funny to see them dressed alike. Arnold had a very strong accent, normal for him, that did make it hard to understand him at times. Once or twice the way he said something did sound funny.

There was a little bit of science fiction in the plot of Twins. Julius and Vincent were born as a result of a genetic experiment. I can’t remember how old for sure Julius and Vincent were when they finally met, but I think they were in their 30's. The movie was set in the late 80's, so the experiment would have taken place sometime in the 1950's. I didn’t think experiments like that were done that long ago, so I don’t think that part of the movie is believable. I also don’t think artificial insemination was going on then either. By the late 1980's when the movie was made, some genetic experiments were being performed and artificial insemination was being done as well. I don’t think that DNA was being manipulated then like it had to be for the experiment used in the movie. Some people may think that the movie is a bit too strange because of the experiment that caused Julius and Vincent to be born. I didn’t think that the movie was realistic, but it was enjoyable.

The acting in Twins wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t horrible either. This was the first comedy that Arnold was in, so this was a different type of role and movie for him. Before making Twins, he’d only been in action movies. The role of Julius is totally different from one of Arnold’s most famous roles as a robot sent back in time to kill a woman in Terminator. Arnold went on to make many more movies. Some of them were action movies, and he did make some more comedies. Some of those comedies weren’t as good though. I thought that Arnold was pretty good in Twins. He was believable as Julius, especially in the scenes that showed how out of place he was in the city. I think this was the first movie that I saw with Danny DeVito in it after he played Louie in Taxi. I thought he was also good in the movie. Vincent wasn’t that different from Louie at times, though Vincent wasn’t as nasty as Louie. Vincent also changed during the course of the movie. Louie never really changed. Since Vincent wasn’t exactly the same as Louie, it did show that Danny DeVito was capable of playing different types of characters. He was funny at times during the movie too. The other actors in the movie were good too.

Vincent and Julius were the main characters in Twins. They were the most developed characters in the movie. Both characters do some growing and changing over the course of the movie. Linda and Marnee were in several scenes, but they weren’t developed that much. Some other characters were only in a few scenes here and there, so they weren’t developed at all.


Julius - A genetic experiment created him. He was raised on an island and didn’t have much contact with other people until he learned he had a twin brother and went looking for him. He was very smart, but naive about some things. He was kind and gentle. He seemed to always be happy. He was thrilled to learn he had a brother and couldn’t wait to find him.

Vincent - Julius’s twin brother. Vincent looked nothing like his brother. He didn’t act like his brother either. He was nasty and grumpy at times. He got mixed up in all kinds of messes fairly often. He’d had a lousy childhood. He didn’t believe that Julius was his brother at first.

Linda - She was Vincent’s girlfriend. She loved him, but she was tired of the things he did and how he treated her at times. She usually ended up helping him when he came to her for money. She wanted him to change and get his life together.

Marnee - Linda’s sister. Marnee couldn’t stand Vincent. She didn’t like how he treated her sister. She wasn’t shy about expressing her opinion of Vincent and his treatment of Linda. Marnee was very interested in Vincent when she met him.

Twins was a fun movie to watch for some mindless entertainment. I really enjoyed it and I think it is worth watching.


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