Consenting Adults

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Consenting Adults~Sex and Wife Swapping In the Suburbs~Beware Of What It Can Lead To!

May 24, 2008
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Pros:An interesting and intriguing story, great cast

Cons:Some elements of the story a bit beyond belief

The Bottom Line: Entertaining thriller with quite a few suspenseful twists and turns.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

I happened upon this movie quite by accident last night while channel surfing and after reading the little blurb about it on the satellite channel it was on I decided to give it a try…it wasn't long before I was completely caught up in it.

Consenting Adults is just what the image of the name conjures up but with quite a few twists, turns and surprises.

The story starts out innocently enough, when we meet Richard and Priscella Parker, (Kevin Kline and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). Richard is a musical composer and lives a nice quiet life with his wife and daughter in a lovely suburban home. When they become friendly with their new neighbors, Eddy and Kay Otis, (Kevin Spacey and Rebecca Miller, Spacey in his first major movie role), their lives are changed forever.

They become fast friends, Eddy and Richard jog together every day, the four of them play golf together and seem quite the friendly foursome.

Eddy is a wheeler and a dealer in some sort of investment business and gets Richard all caught up in some deal that turns out to make some easy money for them all.

But soon the relationship turns a bit weird when Eddy proposes that maybe their friendship might develop into something on a higher level…All grins and sly looks, he wonders what Richard thought of the idea of wife swapping, but innocent enough he says, what if you and I just change places in the middle of the night in our bedrooms…the wives might not even notice….(HUH, I thought, how could they not notice!)

At first Richard is completely taken aback and shocked….But it seems, from that point on, he can't take his eyes off of Kay. He becomes a bit obsessed and watches her from his bedroom window. Nothing is mentioned to the wives and the friendship continues, though his temptation seems to grows stronger as time goes by. Eddy is a sly one all right, making little innuendos to Richard that life needs changes or talks about the excitement of taking risks...he is also very charismatic and what he might consider "cool". One day Richard takes him aside and agrees to the proposal.

From that moment on the movie changes into a psychological and quite a sexy thriller. With twists and turns that keep on coming…One scene that stands out in my mind about how manipulative Eddy is when you see the close up of his face as they pass each other in the dark just as Richard is about to enter Eddy's home on that fateful night. A devilish grin if ever I saw one.

What happens when Richard enters his neighbors bedroom, does Eddy go next door too? What happens when Richard sees his wife Priscilla the next morning? And what happens when police cars rush into the neighborhood, changing the entire movie's momentum.

You won't be getting those answers from me or anymore about what transpires for the rest of the movie except to say the ruthless deception and intriguing twists in the story created quite a decent film. Consenting Adults turned out to much more of a psychological thriller than I thought it would be even though some moments in the movie were a bit on the "suspend the belief" side but it worked for the most part. I was caught up in the suspense and mystery as the story unfolded

Spacey was just excellent in this role especially since it was his first featured film…he played the smooth, charming and charismatic neighbor to the hilt and it's no surprise from this performance, why he has gone on to be known as the talented actor he is today. Kevin Kline did quite a good job with his character too and the range of emotions he had as the movie came to its action filled conclusion. Guess that's why that call it acting!

Thumbs up and 3 1/2 stars for this surprising little thriller I was fortunate enough to discover on TV last night.

General Hospital fans, see if you recognize the daughter, Lori Parker

Kevin Kline - Richard Parker
Kevin Spacey - Eddy Otis
Forest Whitaker - David Duttonville
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - Priscilla Parker
Rebecca Miller - Kay Otis
E.G. Marshall - George Gordon
Kimberly McCullough - Lori Parker

Alan J. Pakula
Matthew Chapman
Alan J. Pakula, David Permut, Pieter Jan Brugge

Theatrical MPAA Rating:
R(Nudity, Sexual Situations, Violence, Not For Children, Profanity)

Original Release: 1992
Length: 99 minutes

Recommend this product? Yes

Video Occasion: Good for a Rainy Day
Suitability For Children: Suitable for Children Age 13 and Older

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