Urotsukidoji #1: Legend of the Overfiend

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Urotsukidoji- A dark but amazing anime.

Nov 29, 2003
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Pros:Very cool fight scenes Interesting characters Amano Jaku Awesome ending sequence

Cons:Some disturbing scenes A few very poor voice actors

The Bottom Line: A very good Anime. Dark and disturbing but you can't help but watch it.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie's plot.

Urotsukidoji(Legend Of The Overfiend) is an Anime that is given a bad tag because of its disturbing sex scenes. True, some of the scenes can be quite rapacious. However, the version of Urotsukidoji I that came to England was severely cut. This is DEFINITELY NOT for young anime viewers. So, on to the plot...

There exists three worlds. The human world (Ninjinkai) the demon world (Makai) and the man-beast realm (Jyujinkai). These worlds have existed opposite each other for many years. This may all change because there is a legend that says once every 3000 years a great being known as the 'Chojin' will form through the body of a human and he will fuse the three worlds together to form a perfect world of peace, harmony and beauty.

AmanoJaku is an immortal from the Jyujinkai world. He looks young but he is hundreds of years old. He has dedicated his life to find the Chojin and help him achieve his dream of creating an eternal world. AmanoJaku is now keeping an eye on a highschool in Osaka, Japan. He is keeping his eye on a young jock called Ozaki. Ozaki is an athletic, strong young man who is great at sport and worshipped by almost every girl at the highschool. This influences Amano to believe Ozaki is the Chojin.

AmanoJaku is soon assisted by his pint-sized perverted servant Koroko and Amano's saucy sister Megumi. Amano believes Ozaki to be the Chojin(Overfiend) but Megumi is certain that it is fellow student, Nagumo. Amano dissagrees because Nagumo is a wimp and is always slying perving on beautiful schoolgirl, Akemi Ito.

At first Akemi joins the rest and laughs at geek Nagumo but that all changes soon. In one of Urotsukidoji's first sex scenes a female teacher called Ms.Togami rapes Akemi, Amano and Nagumo watch this (Amano stops Nagumo from saving her). The teacher soon turns out to be Makai and he disturbingly rapes her with tentacles and such (very much edited in Uk version). Akemi falls unconscious half-way through the agony and Amano turns up and destroys the monster. When Akemi wakes she thinks Nagumo was the one who saved her and falls in love with him.

Nagumo soon dates Akemi. Meanwhile, Amano keeps an eye on Ozaki. Ozaki discovers that the girls he had just had an orgy with are Makai in disguise that are after him because that want to kill the Chojin and they also suspect he is the one. Ozaki transforms into a wolf-like beast and vanquishes the Makai. Amano now seems certain he is the one but he wants to make sure and challenges Ozaki himself and release thunderbolts on him. Ozaki cannot handle it and dies...much to Amano's shock and frustration. He then learns that Ozaki must of received sperm or blood from the Chojin to gain those powers, he remembers Ozaki licking a sip of Nagumo's blood when he cut himself. So it seems Megumi WAS right. Nagumo IS the Chojin.

Anyway, many horrors occur with Nagumo occassionally coming to terms with his Overfiend side and one particular devilish act when he rapes a Nurse and makes her explode because of his god-like cum __

Amano is also faced up to an old nemesis called Suikakaju. Suikakaju is a high Makai lord who wants to murder the Chojin. He wants the worlds to remain how they are. He despises the thought of a single world and he refuses to be ruled by the Chojin. Suikakaju soon discovers a young boy called Niki. Niki adores Akemi and is hugely jealous of Nagumo and hates him. Suikakaju uses this hatred and bitterness to form Niki into a demon capable of killing the Chojin.

The last moments of Urotsukidoji are amazing. It soon turns out that the Chojin is merely a destroyer who will rock the world and cleanse it. The 'True Chojin' exists dormant in the womb of Akemi. He will be born in 100 years to bring about a revelation- a new perfect race. The worlds collide. Makai swarm around and kidnap women. AmanoJaku watches as his dreams fall around him. His faith and hope are destroyed. It is really good stuff.

All in all Urotsukidoji:Legend Of The Overfiend is a very dark, devilish and effecting Anime. When put up against its sequels Urotsukidoji:Demon Womb & Urotsukidoji:Return Of The Overfiend there is no contest. Urotsukidoji is a great anime but do not watch it if you dislike hentai or sqeamish.

The English voice actors are 'OK'. Some are poor like Niki-especially his new voice he gets when he changes. But Nagumo's voice actor is hilariously poor. AmanoJaku's is very good however and makes up for it.

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Viewing Format: VHS
Video Occasion: Better than Watching TV
Suitability For Children: Not suitable for Children of any age

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