Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Mar 11, 2007
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Pros:Cute movie, great fairy tale


The Bottom Line: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is one of the fondest movie memories I have from childhood. Now I can share that with my daughter!

Now who could forget the tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? I know I have not. I used to watch it as a child and I absolutely loved it. Now my daughter who is four is enjoying it herself. I chose to give my VHS of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Emmily when she began expressing interest in Disney Princess movies. I knew it would be a real treat for her. So out the old tape came and I am glad that it still worked after all these years and so many viewings!

Needless to say my daughter got extremely exited. She asked me to watch it with her and I did. I too enjoyed it. After all these years it is still one of my favorite cartoon movies I have ever seen.

Snow White is out cast by the mother who once took he under her wing. The Wicked queen. The wicked queen ordered that Snow White be taken in to the forest to be killed. She was jealous of Snow White after he magic mirror said that Snow White was the fairest of them all.

The worker assigned to get rid of Snow White could not do it. He let her go but told her the orders that the Wicked Queen had given to him. He tells her that she can never come home, and to run off far away and hide. Snow White does not understand why this has all happened. But she runs away as she is told to spare her own life.

It is dark, Snow White becomes scared. So many noises, so many creatures she can hear but can not see. She is very afraid but forces herself to move on.

Soon Snow White sees day light, the creatures that had surrounded her before no longer seem scary at all. There are deer, rabbits, birds and other animals gathering around her, and they were just as scared of her as she was to them. She begins singing them a song. They begin to trust her. Soon all the forest creatures are sitting beside Snow White.

Together, Snow White and her new creature friends walk along. Until the stumble upon a tiny little cottage hidden in the woods. They knock and no one answers so they go inside. Snow white begins to clean up the dusty little house with the help of the forest creature. She begins making soup and then decides to lay down until it is done. She goes upstairs and sees that there are several beds. Tiny beds with names on them. Happy, Dopey, Doc, Sneezy, Grumpy, Bashful and sleepy. Just before Snow White drifts off to sleep she says what Silly names for children those are.

The next thing you know the seven tiny men come home. They come in and realize that some one has been there. The house is spotless, and there is a smell coming from the pot. Some one has been making soup. Together they go upstairs where they see Snow White. At first they are scared. They think Snow White is some kind of monster. But then she awakens and they realize that she is harmless.

Snow White explains to the dwarfs about what has happened and why she is there. They offer her to stay with them. Yet Grumpy is not happy about it. No surprise there,he is Grump after all. She won't let them eat until the wash their hands. Eagerly the others go out side to the well, while Grumps lingers behind. He insists that she is ordering them around and he will not wash his hands. But the other toss him in the water and he is clean. Now he gets to eat even if he did not want to comply with what Snow White said.

After a while things start going great. And even Grumpy warms up to Snow White. He tries to protects her by telling her to keep the house locked up while they are gone working. And do not open the door for anyone. She promises him that she will not open the door.

Mean while back at the castle the Wicked Queen asks her mirror now who is the fairest of them all. Yet again he tells her that Snow White is the fairest. The Wicked Queen is outraged! She was disobeyed. She uses her crystal ball to see where Snow White is staying. She sees that she is in the little cottage far off in to the woods. She makes herself a special potion to make herself old, and puts a spell on an apple that she would like to make Snow White eat and get rid of Snow White once and for all!

We see an old woman approach the tiny cottage. Snow White knows she shouldn't be talking to her. But an old woman is harmless, so she thinks. Snow White talks to the old woman, and the old woman offers Snow White an apple. By now you have figured out that the old woman is in fact the Wicked Queen. But Snow White has no idea about it. So she takes a bite of the good looking apple. She holds her throat, gags and falls to the floor.

The seven Dwarfs soon come home. They find Snow White. They all cry. Even Grumpy. This is very sad in this movie. Now they want to preserve Snow White. The do not want to let her beauty go unseen. The build her a coffin made off gold and glass.

Soon her Prince comes a long and the Dwarfs allow him to see her. He is so sad by what he sees, as are the Dwarfs. Will the Princes kiss unlock the Wicked Queens magic spell? You will have to watch and see.

I left a lot of the movie out of this review. There are many parts that are funny, some are sad and others are just adorable.

The video in the VHS version is colorful for it's time. The special effects are few and far between but good none the less. Over all this is a great movie for kids and for families to watch together.

It is a simple but sweet fairy tale that will live in your child's memory forever. Just adorable and unforgettable. I have sat and watched it with my daughter a few times. She enjoys it very much. She pretends to be Snow White every time she eats an apple. In fact she will request an apple before she begins the movie so she can play along with it when that part comes. If you come across this movie. I highly recommend making the purchase.

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