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Jacqueline Lovell in Femalien - Holy Mammoth Mammaries! See Venesa Talor's Helium Filled Breasts!

Apr 16, 2002 (Updated Oct 18, 2002)
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Pros:Venesa Talor, Jacqueline Lovell, plenty of nudity.

Cons:So much sex the fast forward button becomes more and more tempting

The Bottom Line: Only softcore sex fans should check this out. The sci-fi element is minimal, the babes are babes though.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie's plot.

Being a Full Moon fan, I've tried out their various other lines of film products like Surrender Cinema before and haven't really liked them.

Surrender Cinema appears to me to be a pretty high quality soft core sex line of science fictionish films. Femalien is their most successful film to date and I've read rave reviews from Surrender Cinema fans all over the net.

Venesa Talor (billed as Venesa Taylor in this film) plays an extremely gorgeous alien whose duty it is to find out about human emotions (mainly what sex is like). She 'teleports' here and there throughout the film, at first being a voyeur watching people while they are engaged in sex. Eventally Ms. Talor is done with the research and becomes an active participant.

There are many guy/girl and girl/girl sex scenes throughout. Like the few other Surrender Cinema films I have seen, the usually interesting but barely present storyline is used to tie together extremely long drawn out soft core sex.

As the story progesses, you find out that this diner (where Talor's research is in full swing: i.e. she's had sex with everyone in it) is going to be torn down by an evil massage parlour owner. Oh how can our heroic Femalien save the day?

Fans of this type of film I suppose will enjoy Femalien. I personally didn't get much out of it. I prefer a little more devotion to story which I suppose means I shouldn't have watched this in the first place.

The real reason I watched this at all? Venesa Talor is gorgeous. I've seen pictures of her and I figured I should see this film. While her flotation devices are quite unreal, she's still phenomenal.

Another is actress Jacqueline Lovell (billed as Sara St. James). She's been in some mainstream Full Moon films like Hideous and is a cutie. Even though she doesn't really act much here, at least I got my fix (and what's wrong with a little skin now and again). Hopefully Jackie will make more films by Full Moon, it's been a while.

Websites Of Interest:

Venesa Talor's Official Site

Surrender Cinema

See Femalien at Movieflix.com (Paid membership required)

This is quite hilarious, attention rubber doll fans: Check out the 'Femalien Doll' (2 minute free commercial)

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