In the Wild - Orangutans with Julia Roberts

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The Real Julia

Feb 5, 2000 (Updated Feb 21, 2000)
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I saw this documentary because Julia is my favorite actress, and frankly, I would watch her read the paper. I was not bored at all during the documentary, which sort of surprised me. I don't watch a lot of these type of programs, unless the particular animal/topic interests me, and Orangutans are not animals that interest me.

However, like I said, Julia is a favorite, so there I was in front of the tv watching it, assuming I would get bored. It not only taught me more on these red-haired apes, but it showed the compassionate person Julia is, not the famous superstar.

There were parts that cracked me up, and then there was the sad reality about what Orangutans suffer in the wild, trying to survive. It showed her with an orphan baby, whose Mother was murdered in the wild. She "babysat" the baby for a day, and seemed to get very comfortable with it, enough to crack up laughing when it peed down her neck!

She had compassion for these animals and certainly made the viewers feel like almost anyone could, animal lover or not. Viewers became aware of the atrocities Orangutans can and do face in the wild.

Towards the end of the documentary, it showed her encounter with a HUGE orangutan named Kussasi who weighed around 500lbs. It was a very intense part, which Julia says actually had to be edited. But just seeing what I did see, gives me insight into not only how compassionate she must be, but BRAVE as well! In an interview she later gave, she briefly spoke about this documentary, and said her experience was remarkable. You can tell she meant it. She also mentioned that the myth about these animals, (because they are so human-like) is that they actually CAN speak, but don't, for fear they would be put to work! Now THAT is funny! :-)

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