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Studio 54 is closed.

Jul 28, 2001 (Updated Jul 29, 2001)
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Pros:Good performance by Mike Myers

Cons:Storyline that doesn't know what it wants

The Bottom Line: A film that just seems to tell the story without any enthusiasm

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

I don't see many movies I dislike, since I usually read reviews by Ebert so I end up seeing ones I like. Every once in a while someone else takes me to see a film so I go along just to be nice and I end up seeing a film that reminds me what bad films are like. This is one such film. The thing is, this could have been a fairly good movie but didnt live up to it's potential. It just ended up being like any other film of its type. It starts out in a promising way, and then goes downhill trying to outdo itself. Too many ideas are thrown around in the movie, none of which are expanded on. It wanted to be a movie about living out your dreams, drug use, promiscuous sex and just weird people. It only used the idea of studio 54 to bring all these things together, but seemed to forget about making a movie about studio 54. At the end of the movie, it just seemed like a whole mess that I tried to put together and wonder what it all meant.

The main premise of the film, is a young man (Ryan Philippe) who wants to get into the famous studio 54. He finally gets into it and gets a job as a busboy. While there he gets to experience what club 54 is all about. Philippe has the looks for what he character is about and many young females will probably go see the movie just because of him. Yet, his acting is just average, and I never seem to get attached to his character or care as much for whether he makes it or not.

The director had alot to work with, but just ended up making the characters dull and instead worried about making the costumes look flashy. Salma Hayek, Neve Campbell, and Ryan Philippe all are part of the film and are really big names in the industry today. Alas, they don't do much for the movie and just seem to be there more for sexual attraction than for acting out their characters. There is one interesting character, the owner of the club, played by Mike Myers. He shows that he can do dramatic scenes as well and play a character that isnt loved. His performance was the only interesting one, and any fan of his should see this film to see that he can do other stuff besides Austin Powers.

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