Crow, The: Salvation

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Detective Crow.

Mar 4, 2003 (Updated Mar 5, 2003)
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Pros:Added some new twists

Cons:Production and setting are nowhere anear effective as the first 2

The Bottom Line: Not bad for a third film.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

I could not wait to see this movie. I remember reading about it in various magazines and on the Internet, wildly anticipating it's release.

And then I just hapened to be browsing in the video shop one day and wella! There it is on the shelf.

Part of me felt excited, the other half felt a little discouraged. Yes, The Crow: Salvation was released direct to video with extremely little notice.
I started dreading that it was going to be a relatively cheap affair, and started to have my doubts.

However I managed to overcome them doubts and hire it.

First thing I realised when it started was that the dark, threatening atmosphere and tone that had permeated the first 2 entries had been replaced by a fairly well lighted environment that didn't look any different from one of them damn cop shows on TV. I felt my heart sink and hoped that things will get real better.

Fortunately, and suprisingly, they did.

The Crow: Salvation, is the story of a young man who is wrongly executed for the brutal stabbing of his girlfriend.
His name is Alex Corvis, and we learn from his flashbacks that he was framed by a group of dirty cops, which is a nice alternative to the usual drug ravaged punks whom inhabitied the other films.

This movie has a lot of different touches in it, one of these is the fact that Alex and his girlfriend (Lauryn) were not murdered together. Instead Alex was framed and spent the next 3 years of his life alone and on death row, with only his attorney to talk to. And he is ressurected not 1 year after his death, but a few minutes after which is another nice little twist.

Once Alex is brought back by the crow, he seeks out to wreak bloody vengeance and the sleazy cops who murdered Lauryn and framed him. With the help of Lauryn's younger sister, Erin (Kirsten Dunst), Alex stumbles across a shady conspiracy involving the local police force.

From there the rest of the film is pretty predictable, and anear the end it starts to lose it's steam.

Eric Mabius plays Alex, and I found that he portrayed a creepy crow, but he is no Brandon Lee. Still it's credible.

Unfortunately Graham Revell, the composer that gave us the moving and at times brooding score hasn't returned. In his place we have a guy named Marco Beltrami, and I have to say that he has down an amazing score on this film. Some of you may be familar with Marco's other credits, including such films as Blade 2 and Resident Evil. Im a fan of his work anyway and feel that he has done The Crow character justice.

Director Bharat Nualli has a great visual power, and I can see him going far if he keeps with it.

Though, Im not quite sure what crowd this movie was intended for. With it's more accessible production and lack of emotional depth, it feels like the producers were making a effort to make the Crow myth appeal to the new generation.

A hint to this is the fact that Kirsten Dunst is made to look like she is the main star of this film, and that the producers were hoping that having her name on the advertising would draw in a younger, up with the times audience. Her name comes before Eric Mabius's on the posters and advertising, and that to me just isn't fair.

Fred Ward, who plays the evil and sadistic captain, is great and gives us the best portrayal of a Crow villan since Micheal Wincott's Top Dollar. He was pretty nasty and believable. Well done.

This seems to be the most bloodthirsty out of the lot, featuring many scenes of blood dripping from nasty wounds.

Overall I liked Salvation, I do think it has potential to be better though. However it was nice to see a fresh take on the plot and an interesting concept.

Once again, all of this is accompanied by an excellent soundtrack featuring mainly industrial nu metal songs from popular artists such as, Filter, Rob Zombie, Kid Rock, Static X, and Hole to name but a few. A crow film without a loud soundtrack would probably be considered blasphemy to it's hardcore following, and this one once again delivers.

I didn't find this one as moving as the others though, and I found the dialogue in the flashbacks to be too mushy for my tastes, I think the flashbacks will appeal to the female audience more then the male. This seems to be another ploy by the producers to lure in the "Dunst" crowd.

Not that solid, but an ok film nonetheless, believe me, you could do so much worse.

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