Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

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Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Jan 3, 2006 (Updated Jul 12, 2009)
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Pros:Good animation, good story, exciting fight scenes.

Cons:Weird ending.

The Bottom Line: A good anime for people that crave animated violence and ugly creatures.

This is one of the more popular anime out there and it is one of a couple dozen anime I would recommend buying. While not on the top of my list it is still a good Anime, just ignore the ending.

The writing and the story
The story is pretty good and well written. Kind of like a western and shares many similarities to westerns, but in this version you have swords and mechanical horses. In the beginning action is interlaced with character building which I think was a good decision. In fact most of the character building is done through action and body language instead of spoken lines. They are able to do this because the animation of the characters is so well done, unlike Saturday morning cartoons. This aspect I really appreciate. The writing is not corny nor does it slow down that action. In fact it compliments the action and gives the viewer a chance to take a breath between every good action sequence.

Basically the story is about 2 groups of vampire hunters that are trying to rescue a young lady from a vampire. One group is a party of 5. Each member in this group has their own unique abilities and weapons. The other is the movie’s namesake, “D”. He is half-human, half-vampire that rides a horse. He is an outcast in both worlds, human and the undead. He makes his living by hunting vampires in this strange and futuristic Earth. He has some vampire powers and a slight weakness to heat/sunlight. Whereas pure vampires have greater powers, but also greater weaknesses.

Without adding spoilers let me just say that it is a good story. But the ending does get a little weird and hokey; so don’t expect the ending to live up to the rest of the writing.

As with all Anime, this is an animated movie. What sets this apart is the detail and style. Like other good anime it almost seems real. The characters move, talk, and fight like they were filmed with real actors (with special effects of course.) It does not look cartoony, but rather like a series of beautiful moving paintings.

The music is well done. It has a classical feel to it buy isn’t bounded by it. And since it is a movie of the undead, the music is dark in many parts. I even think they have a CD soundtrack to it if you’re so inclined. The music compliments the moods of the various scenes and not a distraction.

The camera work
The movie is an animated feature, not live action. But the viewing angles make the believer feel like they are a third party in the movie experience and seeing the same things as our hero’s are. I feel it is well done.

Who is this for?
This is not for children due to the violence and scary creatures. Lots of humans and creatures die in very cool deaths, but I don’t think these scenes are as disturbing as other violent anime. I would probably feel comfortable letting my children watch it when they become teenagers, but definitely not before. There are 2 love stories but nothing happens. So no sex scenes or anything of that nature occurs.

DVD special features
Trailers and TV spots- 2 trailers and a gallery of trailers for other movies.
Behind the scenes featurettes- A short 22 minute behind the scenes look at the making of the movie.
Storyboard to feature comparison- This is weird, the movie plays but you see the story boards at the same time.
Fans favorite scenes- I guess this was a survey they took of some fans and it lists very short cuts of the top rated scenes.
Merchandise- Just what it says.
Weblinks- Two links to the internet when you pop it into your DVD drive. Sends you to urban vision or the Bloodlust web page.

The key players
Directed and screenplay by Mata Yamamoto
Music- Marco D’Ambrosio
Based on the novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi

R for violence/gore

Languages and captioning
This version is only in English.



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