Mulholland Dr.

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A disaster of epic proportions. A must see!

Oct 24, 2001 (Updated Oct 24, 2001)
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Pros:lesbian sex scenes, some haunting moments.

Cons:It's a complete disaster, this is not a film.

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Before walking into Mulholland Drive I considered myself a David Lynch fan. I loved Blue Velvet, and adored the Twin Peaks series. With the freak show known as Lost Highway and the unbelievably boring Straight Story, I was hesitant going into Drive. Well now that i've seen Mulholland Drive, I think it's fair to assume, Lynch has completely lost it.

Mulholland Drive is an incoherent mess of a film. It brings out all the worst elements of his previous films. It's boring, pretentious, and one of the least involving films I have ever seen.

Describing the plot seems useless, but here it goes. A mysterious woman (Laura Harring)is involved in a devastating car accident. After the accident, she has no idea who she is, or where she is. The next day comes, and a young woman named Becky (Naomi Watts) has just arrived in Los Angeles. Becky is an aspiring actress, as is always the case when a young girl comes to Hollywood. When Becky arrives at the apartment her Aunt left her, she meets the mysterious woman. The woman calls herself Rita. We meet these two, and watch them try to solve a mystery that doesn't want to be solved. We also meet other characters, their points in the film never being fully explained. Among those is Robert Forster, who is in the film around two minutes, his character serving no point. Lynch creates a mystery of sorts for the first 100 minutes or so. The mystery he creates, is horribly paced and for the most part uninteresting. It's also too complex to have a normal ending. He dare not be conventional. Because what Lynch gives us for the final 40 minutes, isn't interesting, it isn't brilliant, it's simply an excuse to end the film.

Now I knew what I was getting into going to Drive, and I think I know what Lynch was trying to create. Mulholland Drive is a dream like world, literally. I just don't think he did a very good job in bringing his vision to the screen. Here's a reason why the film doesn't work. Mulholland Drive was originally suppose to be an ABC series. Had it been that, it could have been brilliant. As a film, it seems terribly rushed in the final 40 minutes. It's like Lynch couldn't think of an ending he would use, so he decided to rely on weirdness.

Instead of focussing on whether Mulholland Drive was reality or a dream world, I was too distracted. I wanted to know if I was watching a TV Drama, a film, or a porno. The acting in the film is completely forgettable. In fact, it feels like something you would see in television. Then, without warning, comes uncensored lesbian sex scenes. Which isn't a bad thing, but again, it makes the film feel horribly unbalanced. Which I guess was the point. But does it work? No.

What ever Lynch was going for, well it got lost somewhere in the making of Drive. It seems like he's a director who always wants to top himself. I can see him saying, "I need to make something even more weird than Lost Highway!" He likes to be the author of unsolvable riddles; not really an accomplishment as far as i'm concerned. Although I absolutely hate the film, I think it's worth seeing. There are a few grand scenes in this mess. A highlight includes a haunting rendition of Roy Orbison's "Crying." It's also a good film to see because it's worth discussing. Some will call it brilliant, I call it nerve-racking crap.

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