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Apr 28, 2004
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A friend recommended this show's DVD collection to me. I didn't really know what it was; I'd only seen a few clips of it on the internet.

The very first episode of this series started out kind of slow -- not nearly as hilarious as she'd described. But by the third episode, I was screaming at the annoying characters and their awful, awful behavior. The acting is perfectly crafted. And "The Office" absolutely demonstrates how various personalities can drive one another crazy with subtle irritations day after day.

You have to pay attention to what's they're saying in their heavy English accents, and they whisper a lot. So, if your attentive, you'll enjoy this experience. But if you're reading the paper or cleaning the house while this is playing, you'll likely to miss the shenanigans of these goofball nine-to-fivers. Personally, I couldn't stand most of the characters, but I just had to keep playing episodes one after the other to see what they'd do next. I've never wanted to see people on TV get in trouble so badly before.

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