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Tumbling Through the Stargate -- Even More Adventure!

Jun 5, 2008 (Updated Jun 5, 2008)
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Pros:22 episodes, a few DVD extra features, episode commentary, excellent acting and storylines

Cons:English language only

The Bottom Line: Stargate is one of the best science fiction television series to air. These episodes are commercial free and excellent.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

Stargate Season 5 introduces the departure of a major cast member and the introduction of someone new to the SG-1 team. As always, the adventures are well-constructed and excellent … the special effects and action are equal to those found in movies. I own Stargate SG-1 Season Five, which includes five DVD discs containing 22 episodes and four special featurettes. Each episode also has its own commentary. The episodes are commercial free, which I always enjoy.

The Stargate Universe in Brief

Stargates are alien devices that form a stable wormhole between planets. The Stargates span galaxies. In the movie that started the Stargate franchise, an alien being from a race called Goa'uld came to Earth centuries ago and enslaved mankind. The humans revolted, burying the Stargate, and the alien fled. Centuries later, humans discover the buried Stargate, learn how to work it, and travel to the planet Abydos where they discover a self-imposed "God" named Ra, who is a Goa'uld. Ra has enslaved the planet's population. The Stargate team finds a way to defeat Ra and to free the planet's people. At the end of the movie, Daniel Jackson stays on Abydos and marries a native woman. The rest of the Stargate team returns to Earth with the understanding that the Stargate will be sealed off.

The television series begins about a year after the adventures in the movie Stargate. On Earth, the Stargate is in storage when suddenly it activates and a Goa'uld and his Jaffa servants come through the gate and kidnap one of the military personnel. The military brings Colonel Jack O'Neill out of retirement, brings aboard a military-scientist, Samantha Carter, and they locate Daniel Jackson. Two teams are sent through the Stargate, with Jack O'Neill in charge, to mount a rescue mission. This is where they meet Teal'c, a Jaffa who is Frist Prime to Apophis (a Goa'uld). Teal'c sees promise in the SG-1 team and bands with them to free his people.

*** Season One - Three Spoilers ***

Skip to the next section if you don't want a quick summary of Season One through Three.

The highlights of Season One include Daniel Jackson's wife, and a boy that Jack had befriended, Skaara, becoming permanent Goa'uld hosts. We learn more of Teal'c's past and that he has a son, Rya'c and a wife. We also meet Teal'c's mentor Bra'tac. The SG-1 team visits many planets and meets one of the four ancient races, the Nox.

During Season Two, Samantha Carter is possessed by a Goa'uld named Jolinar, who is a member of the Tok'ra (sworn enemies of the Goa'uld). Through this brief connection, Samantha is able to contact the Tok'ra, and an alliance is formed. Samantha's father becomes a host to the oldest of the Tok'ra. O'Neill is exposed to the knowledge of the Ancients and almost dies, and time travel through the Stargate is discovered.

Season Three explores the ancient Asgard race and a new enemy known as the Replicators (a machine race). Alternate/Parallel realities are discovered. Daniel's wife Sha're has hidden the Harcesis child (a child conceived from two Goa'uld), which she wishes Daniel to locate. Sha're and Skaara's storylines are also resolved.

Some Season Four highlights include the Russians demanding a foothold in the Stargate program. The Harcesis child visits Stargate Command and enlightens Daniel Jackson; then the child departs. The Tok'ra base is attacked by Apophis, and a daring plan to save the Tok'ra is set into motion.

The Season Five Episodes

There are three thinpack plastic keepcases in this set. They fit into a cardboard sleeve. The first two cases contain two DVDs, and the third case holds one DVD. Each case is marked Season 5, and Volume 1 through 3.

If you do not want any spoilers, do not read the episode descriptions. I'll do my best to keep spoilers at a minimum.

VOLUME 1 (Disc 1)

Episode 1: Enemies
This is Part 2 to the previous Season Four cliffhanger. Teal'c has been captured by Apophis and has been brainwashed into believing he is still First Prime to his "god" Apophis. (A good episode.)

Episode 2: Threshold
Teal'c is back at Stargate Command and still believes he is loyal to Apophis. Bra'tac institutes a dangerous rite called M'al Sharran to return Teal'c to his true self. (Some tense moments.)

Episode 3: Ascension
Samantha Carter is injured while investigating an alien relic. While she recuperates, she is visited by an invisible being, and no one believes her. When the alien takes male human form and develops an attachment to Carter, things become very interesting … and unnerving. (A great episode that focuses on a new aspect of the Ancients.)

Episode 4: The Fifth Man
The SG-1 team is under attack. O'Neill stays with a wounded Lt. Tyler while Teal'c, Carter and Jackson return to Stargate Command for help. Once back at headquarters, they are told that Lt. Tyler doesn't exist. General Hammond believes their minds have been compromised and refuses to let anyone through the gate to help O'Neill. (Another great episode.)

VOLUME 1 (Disc 2)

Episode 5: Red Sky
The SG-1 team reconfigures the Stargate protocols so that they can visit an alien planet. When they arrive, they are greeted with a mix of welcome and increasing suspicion … especially when the sky goes red and the planet's sun begins to die. (Interesting episode but not a favorite.)

Episode 6: Rite of Passage
Cassandra, an alien girl rescued in a previous episode, falls deathly ill. It is up to the SG-1 team to discover why Cassandra is ill and increasing drawn to return to her home planet. (I know some teenagers can be difficult, but Cassandra takes it to extreme limits. Not a favorite episode.)

Episode 7: Beast of Burden
Daniel's friend Chaka (an alien called an Unas) is captured by a race that enslaves Unas. The SG-1 team locates Chaka and tries to free him with unexpected consequences. (Reflections of our own history in this episode; makes one think.)

Episode 8: The Tomb
The Russians ask for SG-1's help in locating one of their Stargate teams, who have gone missing. SG-1 combines efforts with their Russian counterparts and enter a tomb on an alien world where they discover a lot of bones … and a creature hunting them. (Creepy episode; great power-play action between O'Neill and his Russian counterpart.)

Special Features – SG-1 Video Diary: Amanda Tapping
Amanda Tapping takes a camera and conducts a 10-minute "diary", which includes behind-the-scenes footage of the episode "The Tomb".

VOLUME 2 (Disc 3)

Episode 9: Between Two Fires
The Tollan race had previously denied Earth any of their advanced technologies. Now they want to form a trade. Suspicions are ignited when the SG-1 team learns the reason behind the Tollan change of heart. (Excellent episode.)

Episode 10: 2001
The SG-1 team is introduced to an advanced race called the Aschen, who offer Earth the prospect of living disease free. Will it be too late for Earth when the SG-1 team learns what the Aschen plan? (A great episode that marries with another episode involving this race.)

Episode 11: Desperate Measures
Carter is kidnapped by a billionaire who is dying. He intends to experiment on Carter to learn how she survived with a symbiote inside her in order to find a cure for his terminal illness. (Tension filled moments when O'Neill teams up with Maybourne to locate Carter before it's too late to save her.)

Episode 12: Wormhole X-treme!
An alien vessel is fast approaching Earth. The key to the vessel lies with Marty, a neurotic alien introduced in a previous episode. Only Marty doesn't remember the SG-1 team and is more interested in filming a television series based on his hidden memories of the Stargate program. (An off-the-wall episode.)

Special Features – SG-1 Video Diary: Christopher Judge
Christopher Judge takes a camera and conducts a 10-minute "diary", which includes behind-the-scenes footage of the episode "The Warrior". (Excellent)

VOLUME 2 (Disc 4)

Episode 13: Proving Ground
Recruits for the Stargate program are put through their paces by O'Neill when a foothold situation develops. Now O'Neill has to rely on the recruits he was going to fail in order to save Stargate Command. (Several interesting twists in this one .. and a familiar SG cadet returns.)

Episode 14: 48 Hours
Teal'c is the last to enter the Stargate during a Goa'uld attack. The gate is destroyed, and Teal'c's energy signature is trapped within it. Carter is given 48 hours to save Teal'c, or he dies. Rodney McKay makes his first appearance on the program as a know-it-all scientist (he later becomes a regular on "Stargate Atlantis".) (Great to see Carter and McKay shoot sparks off of one another.)

Episode 15: Summit
The Tok'ra ask Daniel Jackson to infiltrate a summit meeting of Goa'uld warlords. Jackson's mission is to poison the Goa'uld. Except Jackson learns of a greater threat, and a new enemy. (Great episode that ends with a cliffhanger.)

Episode 16: Last Stand
This is Part 2 to the previous episode. Daniel Jackson learns that a new, stronger Goa'uld called Anubis is gaining power. Meanwhile, O'Neill, Carter and Teal'c are trapped in Tok'ra tunnels … under attack from a Goa'uld invasion force. (Excellent episode.)

Episode 17: Fail Safe
An asteroid is going to crash into the Earth. The SG-1 team are sent in an old Goa'uld ship to place a bomb in the asteroid to destroy it. The team, however, learns there is more to the asteroid than anyone first thought. (Some nerve-wracking moments and a clever ending.)

Special Features – SG-1 Video Diary: Michael Shanks
Michael Shanks takes a camera and conducts a 10-minute "diary", which includes behind-the-scenes footage of the episodes "Summit" and "Last Stand". (Good)

VOLUME 3 (Disc 5)

Episode 18: The Warrior
A Goa'uld named Kytano rallies the Jaffa into a rebel army to fight the Goa'uld. Kytano used to be First Prime to a minor Goa'uld named Imhotep. Kytano has charisma and is a powerful leader, and Teal'c and Bra'tac join Kytano's army despite O'Neill's suspicions that Kytano is not all he seems. (Great episode; but there are torture scenes.)

Episode 19: Menace
A female android is discovered on a world devastated by an unknown disaster. She is brought back to Stargate Command and revived. While the android appears all childlike innocence, she harbors a deadly secret. (Excellent episode with a broad range of emotion. It also reveals the roots of an enemy.)

Episode 20: The Sentinel
An alien planet's defense mechanism against the Goa'uld is malfunctioning. SG-1 learns that a renegade NID team had tampered with the device, and therefore, Earth is responsible for the planet's impending Goa'uld invasion. Can they save the planet while working with two NID agents who had been imprisoned for their crimes? (Good episode with Henry Gibson as the alien Marul.)

Episode 21: Meridian
While meeting with a new alien race, Daniel Jackson is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation. The team does everything they can to save him, including enlisting the aid of the Tok'ra. (Presented in an interesting flashback method. Excellent episode.)

Episode 22: Revelations
The Asgard implore SG-1 to mount a rescue mission. The Asgard Thor has been captured by Anubis, who hopes to tap into Thor's brain to learn the secrets of the Asgard. (An excellent episode that leaves a bit of a cliffhanger.)

Special Feature – Dr. Daniel Jackson: A Tribute
A 6-minute feature of Daniel Jackson. Mostly a compilation of show clips and bits from previous documentaries. (Okay)

My Thoughts

This season has episodes that are here, there and everywhere. The series has so many subplots happening that the episodes this season bounce between the Goa'uld, Tok'ra, the Replicators, Earth's NID agents, and the Asgard. Many of the episodes also revisit previous characters, planets and alien races. The most startling events happen at the end of the season where Daniel Jackson's character is exposed to radiation while visiting an alien planet. Jonas Quinn, an alien from that world, is introduced to the series, and his character carries over into Season 6. This is an exceptionally well thought-out science fiction series with plenty of character development and great story telling. I am always amazed at the sophisticated special effects, worthy of the movies, that are in these television show episodes.

Richard Dean Anderson becomes even more commanding during this season. He is faced with some tough choices and hard-line actions. Toward the end of this season's episodes, he is also forced to do a bit of soul searching in his own flippant manner.

Michael Shanks' character, Daniel Jackson, undergoes the ultimate transformation at the end of this season. Several times during this season, Jackson puts his life on the line to connect to a higher purpose. The end of the season reveals what that life path is.

Amanda Tapping as Samantha Carter has several strong episodes that explore her strength of character. I especially enjoyed her interval with the invisible being that no one believed was visiting her. It's also fun to see Carter and McKay go head-to-head in the super-intelligent competition that McKay keeps forcing on her.

Christopher Judge, as Teal'c, has some intense episodes this season. He undergoes several fight and torture scenes that had me cringing.

Don Davis is the sturdy behind-the-scenes presence of Stargate Command. He has some shining moments during several of the episodes.

Corin Nemec enters the Stargate universe as the alien Jonas Quinn. Quinn blames himself for Daniel Jackson's exposure to radiation. As a result of the incident, Quinn was forced to see the peril the leaders of his planet were courting with the construction of a super-bomb.

Purchasing & Specifications

This DVD collection retails for $49.98. I bought it from for $25.00. A bargain!

These DVDs are widescreen, anamorphic, aspect ratio 1.78:1, Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only). They offer closed captioning (not available for the special features), subtitles, and the language choices are English only. Total run time is 973 minutes.


I enjoy the Stargate universe and enjoyed watching Stargate SG-1 Season Five. It is great to watch the episodes without commercials. If I had to pick one weakness, it is the featurettes. The SG-1 Video diaries could be much better than they are. If you are not familiar with the Stargate world, then you may want to watch Season One to gain familiarity with the characters and the basic Stargate plotline. I'll be watching these episodes again.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

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Copyright 2008 Dawn L. Stewart

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