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Saved! ~ Hypocrisy Has Never Been This Fun

Jun 18, 2004 (Updated Jun 18, 2004)
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Pros:Cast, storyline... all of it.

Cons:coming up blank here.

The Bottom Line: I crashed my Bottom Line into Jesus!

It's no big secret that I choose not to be one of the so called chosen. So why, then, would I want to go see a movie called Saved!? Because it looked like a whole lotta fun goin' on. It was.

What we have here is Mandy Moore in the role of one miss Hilary Faye, a teenager who pretty much runs her little Christian School. She's the miss 'it' to top all miss 'its.' Everyone wants to be her, or at least walk in her divine shadow. Every school has one. Hilary Faye, however, tries to gain her popularity via Jesus. Oh yes, she is out to save the world from itself and puts herself up on a pious pedestal in the process. You see, Hilary Faye isn't really saving people for her Lord, she's doing it for the popularity. She's a phony, a fake, and the worst kind of self-important. Unfortunately, I've met too many of these dolts in real life. It is a very good time when the wench goes down hard in this. heh.

Moore had this chick down pat.

Hilary Faye happens to have a brother named Roland played deftly by Macaulay Culkin. Roland was crippled as a small child and is in a wheel chair. Hilary of course uses his handicap to her advantage, to show people just how selfless she is to cart him around all the time. Oy. Now I've never been what you would call a Culkin fan. I am now. He had just the right amount of ornery here. I loved the attitude of this character. I cannot see where any other actor could have possibly pulled this character off better. Culkin owned it.

Jena Malone is Mary, who happens to be dating a Gay guy. She feels it's her duty to save him from vile gayness, so she sleeps with him to cure him. A more warped and decidely idiotic sentiment never existed. She gives her virginity for the Lord's work, gets pregnant, and the boyfriend remains gay. Imagine that.

All through this are hysterically funny moments. I was rollin. There were a few places I was close to tears in laughter. This is not your typical coming age flick by any means. It has a lot to say, and says it well.

Now lest you think it is totally anti-Christian, let me clarify. It is not anti-Christian. It is anti hypocrite. There is a difference. A big difference.

Brian Dannelly is a fairly new face on the Director's block, but if this is any indication, I'm going to like him a great deal. His only other movie so far was He Bop, which I've yet to see. I plan to locate it now.

This one runs only 92 short minutes and is Rated PG-13 for strong thematic issues involving teens - sexual content, pregnancy, smoking and language. I think just about any age over say 8-ish would enjoy this one and take something away from it. The language is mainly a moment of retaliation from Mary where she stands under a cross and expresses the anger of her deal with God being broken (the pregnancy) and she is trying out a few choice words she's never uttered before. This will not warp any kids in any way.

I highly recommend Saved!. I fear this one is going to go down into the annals of the way under-watched. It deserves far more attention than it's been getting. It's smart, funny, and deep. A very strong 4 stars. Go see it.

Hilary Faye: You know, secondhand smoke kills.
Cassandra: I'm counting on it.

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