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The Manhattan-Based Date Doctor

Jun 27, 2007 (Updated Jun 27, 2007)
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Pros:Hitch has a funny story line.

Cons:He investigates the lives of the women involved.

The Bottom Line: Hitch is not interested in helping those men who are seeking a one-night stand. He helps men who want to invest in something for the lasting.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals major details about the movie's plot.

Are you looking for the perfect person to date, not just for the moment, but for something that is for the lasting? If you or someone you know fits this description, you might be interested in consulting the Manhattan-based love doctor himself.

They call him Hitch. Hitch, played by Will Smith, (Enemy of The State, The Pursuit of Happiness, Independence Day) is a charming sincere man who has crafted the art of unlocking the heart of any woman. He really respects woman and treats them like royalty. The Date Doctor himself will share his many secrets with you to win the hearts, hands and minds of woman. He does not advertise, nor does he have an office where you can sit down and consult with him. To become a client of Hitch, it must be by word of mouth. He is not interested in helping those men who are seeking a one night stand. His motto is, "any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet. He just needs the right broom."

Here are some of his credentials. He has a proven track record for satisfying his clientele. He is a successful smooth talker who knows how to train a man to woo a woman. Most of the men that he does help are shy and just need a little boost to kick start their confidence. His line of business is love, and his job is to help men who are a little awkward, shy, and possibly not the best at getting a women to respect them. He has helped a CPA by the name of Albert Brennaman played by Kevin James (King of Queens) build up his confidence to date the lovely Allegra Cole portrayed by Amber Valletta (What Lies Beneath). He has helped many men around town with their shortcomings. He knows all the lines that seem to work and all the moves that seem to get a woman to respond. He has a high level of charm and good principles. Hitch aims at gaining his client's satisfaction. He has a small fee, but what is a fee to pay for a lifetime of satisfaction?

But wait, what happens when you pair up a love doctor with a woman that seems like the perfect match for him? Hitch is one that likes to romance and to get into the skin of woman. He not only tries to know them personally, he investigates their lives to know who they are and what they are about. He gains a lot of the attention of gossip columnist Sara played by Eva Mendes by even digging into her past and bringing her to a place that brought back memories and had a sentimental value to her. Their relationship seemed to really be going well and to be quite sweet.

All the while that Hitch was romancing Sara and trying to bring Albert and Allegra closer together, he was also assisting other clients. The tone turned a little serious when he turns down a chance to do business with Vance (Jeffrey Donovan) who only wants to get into a woman’s panties with no interest in establishing a true and beautiful relationship. Vance ends up hooking up with Sara’s best friend Casey (Julie Emery), who is devastated after giving it up to Vance and finding out that was all he had wanted. Julie finds out about the date doctor and tells Sara about it leading to a conflict toward the end of the movie when Sara discovers what Hitch does for a living. How does a love doctor deal with a relationship that he is is that is coming to an end? See how Will Smith and Eva Mendes pair up in this love for laughs movie.

Hitch runs for about 1 hour and 53 minutes and in that time, I had such a good experience watching it. It is a great thing when a movie can make you laugh and smile. I got a good feeling in my heart to see a love story unfold that also had it’s funny times and wasn’t all serious. Will Smith does an excellent job in showing his sexy side as well as his funny bone in this picture. I like the way that he claims the screen and any role that he plays. This role a little different from his action-packed and dangerous roles. This one is more sophisticated and classy. To me, he seems so natural in any role. His appearance is fresh and neat.

My favorite part of the movie was when Hitch starts to talk about how the date might go for Albert and Allegra and they embrace the topic of dancing. Now if you think Kevin James is funny in The King of Queens be prepared to chuckle hard because he is such a funny guy. I also liked the part where Hitch eats the seafood and how he reacts to it. I thought it added looseness to the movie. The parts flowed like fluid into each other and there was no part that seemed lacking. Actually I really liked this movie because Hitch had a moral standard and did not seem to encourage disrespecting women. He refuses to help those men seeking nothing more than a fling. His business is geared primarily towards men who need hep in gaining feelings from someone they are really in love with. I thought this was an interesting element to bring to this movie. He is more into triggering emotions as opposed to trying to feed lust into people's hearts. He is more about the loving and it makes a difference.

I guess if you want to argue for the case of a rapper, I guess they do not all disrespect woman, when a rapper like The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, can portray a role in a movie that shows him as a sophisticated black man who respects and treats women like they want to be treated. All the actors in this piece did such a fantastic job at fitting into their roles and making the character theirs. The attitudes were real and I really enjoyed the topic as well as seeing these actors running around familiar territory.

Hitch is a really good movie. And I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting a good laugh while also getting a sweet and fun to watch love story.

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