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Wedding Crashers (Uncorked Edition) ----- With Vince Vaughn,Owen Wilson, and Rachel McAdams

Jan 9, 2006
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Pros:funny in parts, Rachel McAdams is great

Cons:overused plot devices, we've seen this before

The Bottom Line: Wedding Crashers is a funny movie that has good parts to it, but which doesn't bring all that much new material

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

I didn’t get around to seeing Wedding Crashers in theaters, but when it came out on DVD, my friend purchased it and invited me over to watch it. I am more into seeing dramatic, action films, or thrillers in theaters, so I don’t often see comedies until they come out on video/DVD. That doesn’t mean they weren’t good, or that I won’t like them, but more that I can usually wait a while to see them. With the Wedding Crashers, there was a lot of good word-of-mouth surrounding the movie, and a lot of people urged me to go see it when it was out, but I waited. After seeing it, I didn’t find myself overly impressed with it, and I didn’t regret my decision to wait on it. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I didn’t enjoy it, but it didn’t live up to the sale that everyone around me was trying to make.

As it sounds, the film is about two wedding crashers who like to spend their spare time hooking up with vulnerable women at weddings. These aren’t just weddings that they are a part of either, but events that they find out about, plan back-stories for, and crash in order to hook up with new women. It has become a fine-tuned art for these two guys, and it is pretty funny to watch some of the tricks that they pull in order to convince these women what “great” guys they happen to be. It is also funny on another wave-length, because these are the type of guys women always complain about, yet find funny and endearing to watch in feature films. Go figure on exactly why that takes place.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn star as John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey, who are the ultimate charmers when it comes to a wedding atmosphere. As with many comedies of this fashion, it is expected that they are going to have their fun, but at some point in the movie they are going to realize the error in their ways and try to win over the hearts of the women they ultimately want to “suit”. Knowing that this type of story has been done a million times before doesn’t ruin a lot of the jokes that end up coming from the film, and it is funny in a lot of parts as we see both Vaughn and Wilson try to weasel their way out of improbable situations, all while following a set of “Wedding Crasher Rules” that they have in order to get through each event.

Apart from Wilson and Vaughn, there are a few other characters that the film also focuses on. Those are the US Secretary of the Treasury, his wife, and one of his daughters. In those roles are Christopher Walken, Jane Seymour, and Rachel McAdams respectively. They each have their highpoints, with Walken and Seymour serving as intriguing parents of two daughters that cross paths with the wedding crashers. Much to my delight though, Rachel McAdams is once again great in another starring role. I have liked her a lot in the two other films that I have seen her in this year; Red Eye and The Family Stone. In 2005 she has really come in to her own, and I think that she has really built off of her success in last years film The Notebook. Later on in the film, there is a guest appearance from a funny comedian, but I will hold back from giving away who that is to people who haven’t seen the film yet.

Wedding Crashers is an interesting film, and in the end I would say that it has quite a few funny moments. There are a lot of quirky characters throughout the movie, and with McAdams using her great acting to accentuate the comedy of Wilson and Vaughn, this is definitely a successful comedy. In regards to it being a really good movie, I don’t think that it quite measures up to that, and at best it is an average movie. The story is really predictable, there aren’t all that many redeeming moments to the main story, and I have a really hard time believing any women would really go for these characters in real life. Suspending your disbelief and just having fun with the film is the way to enjoy Wedding Crashers and if you just want to come away with a few laughs, then this is a great rental choice. I can see how a lot of people would want to own this one, and for those fans, the DVD has an unrated version of the film with 8 Ĺ of extra minutes added, along with deleted scenes and funny commentary from the cast.

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