Glory for the winner...Humiliation for the loser

Jul 22, 2008
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The Bottom Line: One of the most unique and funny shows I've seen

Kenny vs Spenny has been one of my favorite shows for a long time now. I know most people haven't had the chance to see it until just recently because the show was exclusive to Canadian stations as the show is shot in Toronto. However I do recommend watching it at least once if you catch it on TV.

The show features "Best friends" Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice as they battle it out in a series of random and often bizarre competitions. Some examples are "Who can stay naked the longest?" "Who can sell more bibles?" and "Who is the better rapper?" The reason why all the rip offs of this show have been lackluster is because of the two hosts Kenny and Spenny, their personalities just can't be replicated...ever.

Spenny is the nice, hard working guy that always wants the competitions to be legitimate and fair. He almost never cheats and the extremely rare occasions that he does, he usually confesses or feels guilty. He works tirelessly on each competition with the mind set to teach kids that the working man will prevail.

Kenny is the exact opposite. He lies, cheats and does whatever it takes to a really funny way. When I say cheat though, I don't meen the simple slip of the cards, Kenny literally does unspeakable things to Spenny. Just to give you an example, on the "Who can produce more semen?" episode, Kenny used an x-ray machine to give Spenny radiation poisoning to ultimately lower his sperm count. Also in the "Who can sell more bibles?" episode, Kenny had Spenny convinced that Hollywood screenwriters were interested in buying a script he had written some years earlier, he even got a celebrity impersonator to pretend he was Robert De Niro and call Spenny, showing his interest in starring in the film adaptation, Spenny naturally thought this was all real and bought a ticket down to Los Angeles to wait for the screenwriters who never came, Kenny's plan had worked, Spenny's ego grew as he thought he was going to be working in Hollywood and sold Kenny a bunch of bibles completely care free from the competition. Another classic example is when Kenny faked a letter from the ministry of health informing Spenny that he had sexual contact with someone who has tested positive for AIDS, through the whole show Spenny was under the belief that he had AIDS and was going to die.

If you think this is all very mean and disgusting then this show isn't for you. What keeps the show fresh is what plan Kenny will unleash upon Spenny each week. The show has definately taken it's toll on Spenny though, he has acknowledged that people only watch the show to see him get humiliated and has threatened suicide on the show. That being said, it's hard not to feel slightly bad for Spenny, I'm sure he wouldn't want his audience feeling bad for him but the truth is that he has taken his fair share of punishment, on the other hand one is forced to ask himself "How does a guy fall for this stuff week after week?" which is beyond me, he's very paranoid and neurotic yet still falls victim to Kenny's plots every competition.

The show starts with both Kenny and Spenny explaining the competition. Spenny usually creates rules to try and block Kenny's cheating tactics however ends up failing. The rest of the show is both explaining how they will go about winning and then following through with their plans. Above all this, the main goal of the show is to avoid doing a humiliation, the idea being that the one who does the humiliation loses the competition. The humiliation is created by the other guy. Some examples are when Kenny had to sit on a toilet reading a newspaper on the sidewalk of a busy street, Spenny eating sushi off of Kenny's butt and Spenny was rolled down a hill in a giant plastic ball which had dog crap inside it. As you can probably tell, the show isn't for kids.

The show is allegedly set for a 5th season however reruns are still playing.

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