Loveless - Vol. 1: Lost and Found

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Two Wounded Boys Find Love Together: LOVELESS: LOST AND FOUND

Oct 18, 2009 (Updated Dec 14, 2010)
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Pros:Beautiful, well written, and deeper than most Yaoi.  Less focus on sex.

Cons:Homosexual content may offend some.

The Bottom Line: Ethereal and moving, with dark undertones and disturbing themes, this is a Yaoi that does not just let you sit back and enjoy; it demands you think.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

Loveless Volume 1: Lost and Found. (2005) Created by Yun Kouga

Warning: This is a Yaoi review.  Yaoi is a Japanese Graphic Novel featuring romances between men, written for women, by women.  They can range from sweet school boy romances, to quite steamy.  And considering the Japanese view of sex is much more...liberal than ours, they can be, at times, disturbing.  So, if this is not your cup of tea, well, you have been warned.

This world has a unique feature; all children are Kemonomimi.  Kemonomimi is an anime term made to encompass all the cat girls, and fox boys, and other characters with the ears and tails of animals.  In this world, children (and certain adults) have cat ears and tails until they are no longer children; IE, no longer virgins.  Aoyagi Ritsuka (Minagawa Junko) is one such cat eared boy.  Ritsuka has a hard life.  His older brother Seimei was recently murdered.  Because it happened in his old school, he is transferred to another.  He apparently suffered amnesia two years ago, and has no idea who he was before that time.  And his mother apparently has some profound psychological problems.  He is an abused child. 

It gets worse.  Agatsuma Soubi (Katsuyuki Konishi) is an adult (earless) who shows up one day just in time to protect Ritsuka from a pair of wizards who attack him.  They are called Breathless, and as near as can be told from the story, one is the sacrifice, who takes the hits, and the other fights (defense and offense; the girl's the offensive one.)  Apparently Soubi and Seimei were another such pair, named Beloved.  Now Seimei is dead, and Soubi, rather than laying down and dying, is out for revenge.  But to do that, he needs Ritsuka's help.  Ritsuka's real name, appropriately enough, is Loveless.

There are dangers in using magic if you are not a matched pair, but Soubi is very skilled, and far more than a match for the inexperienced Breathless.  So far, he is ahead of the learning curve.

And Soubi, apparently through an oath, or something more enduring, is compelled to seek out Ritsuka and offer his help, unquestioning loyalty, and his love.  Uncomfortable much?

However, his trials and tribulations have left Ritsuka with a suspicious nature, and little tolerance, and he is the most clear cut case of "Cranky Uke" syndrome ever.  He has a paranoid fear of forgetting things, and hates compliant people who allow themselves to be used.  And he does not trust Soubi's love, because it was ordered by Seimei.  (Let's not even go into the age difference.  It might not be a big deal in Japan, but it sort of creeps me out.)

This is a beautiful anime.  It is well drawn, detailed, with a lanky style common to the genre.  It is of course a bit odd, seeing a class room full of kids with cat ears, but after awhile, the convention rubs off on you, and becomes less distracting.  The colors are soft, almost like watercolours, and quite lovely.  And while Ritsuka and Soubi both have impractical anime hair, they are both strikingly beautiful.  I suspect Soubi is not Japanese; with his light coloured hair, and he is not flawless; he wears glasses, (John Lennon round wires) and has a scar around his neck that looks like he was branded with barbed wire, and the word "Beloved" carved there.  One assumes it has something to do with Seimei's death.

Yaoi has certain conventions; the cranky uke that cannot accept his role, the over confident Seme who knows better, and the friction between them.  This time however, it is given a better foundation as to the whys; the story tells you why.  I find that charming.  And we are left with many questions; why can't Soubi tell Ritsuka about Septimal Moon?  Why did Septimal Moon kill Seimei?  And what will be the ultimate outcome of their relationship?  Will Ritsuka lose his ears?

A very different but beautiful Yaoi story.

Like Ritsuka, this review is Lean-N-Mean, weighing in at a concise 666 words.

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