Click - Fast Forward - Middle Aged Adam Sandler is funny

Nov 25, 2007
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Pros:Engaging characters, fun storyline

Cons:A little overacting by some of the character actors, but overall engaging movie

The Bottom Line: An engaging family movie, which has likeable characters and some funny moments. Recommended because in the end we would all love to have that remote, but at what cost?

I do not always find Adam Sandler particularly funny, but I was pleasantly surprised this time. As Michael Newman, he is the guy sort of stuck in the middle. Adam Sandler hits just the right note. You get the sense that although he is terribly frustrated, he also knows he's got a good thing on so many levels, particularly his wife and family. I have to admit the last time I found Adam Sandler really funny was when watching 'Water Boy', so I didn't have high hopes. I know that's a long time ago. However I never got his humor on SNL, or many of the other things he's done. I think he's generally got a funny premise, but there always seems to be something lacking in the execution, well this time he hit the ball out of the park.

In any event Click is a story about Michael Newman, and how he finds a device which lets him live out every Middle Class, Middle Management, middle man's dream. I mean think of it wouldn't it be if you had a universal remote, which could fast forward, stop, and rewind to any moment in your life. How fantastic would it be to get through all of the crappy stuff we all have to do in a day. For instance, I should be doing some of that stuff right now. With that remote, I'd fast forward to two hours from now, and it would all be done.

Adam Sandler strikes just the right demeanor as Newman, who is actually quite overworked, and is trying to make a good impression at his firm. Although he works like a dog, he happens to have a great family, his wife Donna Newman, played by Kate Beckenstale, does seem to be both way out of his league, and really normal (for a hot movie wife). On some level, Michael knows he is very lucky, and his children Ben and Samantha are just about as realistically adorable as possible. They in fact remain that way in all of their incarnations each are played wonderfully by a cadre of actors. Joseph Castanon, and Tatum McCann, do a wonderful job playing the youngest versions.

Even his parents Ted and Trudy seem like lots of fun as played by Henry Winkler and Judy Kavner. This is just a normal fun family all around.

Michael just wants to work hard so that his family can have everything in life that they deserve. He'd like to see that his kids don't have to be taunted by other children with more material things(a flashback to his own childhood). He's willing to work, but has a boss who is also very willing to take advantage of him. David Hasslehoff is hilarious as Ammer, his boss.

Of course even Christopher Walken's hair is funny when he makes his appearance as the mysterious Morty.

Click was an engaging film about someone many will be able to relate to. With challenges from every angle we'd all love to fast forward around all the traffic in the morning, and get through lots of the worst parts of our days. However everything comes with a cost, and some times we only realize it too late.

I'd recommend Click as nice family movie and a good way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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