Bloody, Pointless Propaganda

Dec 30, 2006
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Pros:Didn't pay to see it, I downloaded it

Cons:This film has absolutely no redeeming qualities.

The Bottom Line: My final recommendation is to rent "The New World" instead and enjoy the (mostly) beautiful imagery.

The best thing I can say about this movie is I watched a cam'd download and so did not send one penny to the xenophobic producer nor anyone having anything to do with such a despicable piece of crap.

I watched an hour, then though surely there must be some point to be made in this - perhaps there is an allegory between the bloodshed on screen and the blood of jesus? Perhaps Gibson is making a statement about how the blood of man, no matter how much is spilt, will never redeeem us because it is the "wrong blood" (not of the savior) and so pointless?

Boy, what a fool I was. This is just an hour and a half setup to a punchline any second grader who has read a couple of fairly tales could construct - no sophistication, no nuance, and no space for one to invent "other points." Gibson has cast himself as himself as mayan priest, and the only "point" this film has to make is as bloody and in your face as the still beating hearts cut from the numerous human sacrifices served up in this movie... and Gibson's victims are anyone so unfortunate as to spend money to see this virulent piece of racist propoganda.

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