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NCAA Football 12 (Sony Playstation 3, 2011)

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better then madden.

Aug 24, 2011
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Pros:Many different game modes.

Cons:Overrated defenses.

The Bottom Line: Good Games for lovers of football.

NCAA Football is a great up and coming game. In this game, you can play as 100+ college football teams.

Gameplay: EA sports has improved their tackling system, making each tackle unique. In previous games, players seemed to automatically grab the player and throw them down, even in they weren't in proper position. Now your player must be in proper position, or the tackle will be broken and the runner has the possibility to go for 6. Also new to the game, is an improved smartness of the defensive line. On a screen play, the line will automatically either go to the runner or will jump up to block the pass when the ball is thrown. This makes screen passes harder to complete, making the game more realistic Although tackling and the defensive line have improved, defensive mechanics are still lacking efficiency. Man to man defense seems overpowered. Its seems as though the cornerbacks already know what the route is, and how to cover it to perfection. In my personal opinion, it seems that there are a lot of overrated defenses. It seems that an average defense can shut down a good offense, which shouldn't be the case. It also seems that the CPU play calling is also overrated. They can guess whether it is run or pass no matter how I line up. I can line up in shot gun with 4 wide and they will still rub blitz (and be right).

Dynasty Mode: The people at EA sports have improved some of the standards of dynasty mode. Instead of automatically starting out as a head coach, you have an option of starting out as an offensive or defensive coordinator. If you choose to start out as an offensive coordinator, in game you will play as the offensive. If you are a Defensive coordinator you play as the defense and the Head Coach can play as both. No matter what you choose, you will still have to recruit players. If you start with a perennial top 5 time such as Alabama, you will find dynasty mode fairly easy. But, if you choose a borderline bad team, you will find dynasty mode very challenging. No matter what team you play as, however, the game will still be fun

Online Play: New this year, is the ability to download roster names from other players. It takes about 30 seconds on the Internet to look up a gamer tag which has players that are correctly named. Once you download a roster, all your players are now named, and you can take your new named players online with out reverting back to the original name (HB#2). Another new option online is the introduction of online dynasty. Now, you can recruit and prepare your team to play your friends and play them online. Playing online is not laggy, it is actually very good. In all the games I have played there has not been a game in which there was a lag.

Road to Glory: In Road to Glory mode, you have to take over a high school player, and turn him into a 5 star prospect. Depending on how you play your high school season, this will affect what colleges want you. If you play very well, expect Flordia and Alabama to be knocking on your door. If you don't, expect teams like UCONN and the university of Buffalo to want you. Once you get on a team, you have a chance to change the history of the program your in. You get a chance to lead your team to virtual greatness.

Overall it is a fairly good game. It offers many different game modes. Although there are many game modes, game play still needs to improve. The defenses are still overrated, and too over powered.

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