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Nuface NF01921999 Trinity Facial Trainer Kit (858271002250)

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NuFace Trinity

Apr 4, 2013 (Updated Apr 17, 2013)
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Pros:Results can be seen immediately. Non invasive


The Bottom Line: Results can be seen immediately. Non invasive

Since I just hit my 70's I decided to do a little research into fighting the aging process. I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon (free). A total face lift would be $12,000, just eyes $6,000. The downtime, swelling, healing etc wasn't too appealing either. I decided to age gracefully and save my money.

Then I heard about the NuFace Trinity facial toning system. I asked my Dermatologist about this system and he confirmed its validity, it works! He even tried it himself. So, since it was almost my birthday I decided to invest in this system. It was certainly cheaper than plastic surgery and was not invasive, no downtime, something you could sit and do while watching television.

I researched it online as well. It had excellent reviews from people who had used it.  Pricing online started (bids on Ebay) at $100- $200 and up. Retail it was $325.00. You get the Trinity Device, a Trinity Facial Trainer attachment, Gel Primer, Charging Cradle, External Power Adaptor and a User manual. This has a one year warranty but retain your sales slip as documentation and don't forget to register with the enclosed postcard. The NuFace accommodates 100-240 vac/50/60 HZ compatible in almost all countries. You might need an adaptor for some countries. It also has the option of interchangeable treatment heads. 

The unit is white with two silver ball like spheres at the top. These deliver the microcurrent you will feel. It's ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. It's light weight with a white plastic body, the entire unit is only about 5" x 3" x 1" . You can use it in your right or left hand without a problem. The spheres help isolate the microcurrent for better lifting. The results last from 24-72 hours. You can purchase an additional head that offers LED light treatment for approximately $125.00.

Looking at the unit you have a polarized two prong plug. You have an On/Off button/center button, an output level detector (blue arc light), a release button for attachments (you can get a wrinkle treatment LED light attachment/$125).  There is a blue light area, an arced band of lights. This will indicate intensity level with all five lights lit up at maximum intensity. The blue light arc shape shows the device is charging when its stored on its base. This "intensity" is little spark like charges you feel as you apply the unit heads to your skin. You will feel a tiny "zap" or tingling. You can adjust the strength from low to high on your device.

Be sure to charge it overnight the first time you plan on using it. It should charge at least 12 hours. A full charge should last 2 weeks. I would also suggest taking some before pictures and recording the date you start this treatment so you can verify your own results.

You can watch a video on line to see how to use it and there are clear instructions in the booklet. It's extremely simple to use. You apply the NuFace Gel Primer (5 oz.) to your clean face then remove your device from the charger. Be sure you use an oil free cleanser before using and do not use it over make up. Men should shave before using this, facial areas under beards or mustaches cannot be treated. You simply glide the devices silver ball area along the lines indicated in the guide book. You repeat these steps three times for each area and move your device each time it beeps indicating its time for the next area to be treated. This is every 5 seconds. You can do this more than once a day and for up to 20 minutes if you so choose.

It's suggested you do your treatments in front of a mirror. The device has two silver spheres to give you optimal contact on any size or shape face. These deliver the microcurrents.  Your muscles do not contract but you do feel a current.
Treatment areas include, forehead above the brow, jowls and jaw, lower  cheeks and upper cheeks. 

To start you should use the NuFace at least 5 days a week for the first 90 days then 2-3 days a week should maintain results. I noticed results after the first treatment so I was thrilled. Knowing results are cumulative I was looking forward to my treatments each day. The one treatment should last 24-72 hours.

I definitely saw improvement right away, I was only checking mirrors every chance I had! I use my device in the early morning after showering but you make your own regimen, there is no right time of day to use this. I tried it on my friend and she was thrilled. She's planning on purchasing one immediately.

 Avoid chest area electrical current can cause rhythm disturbances), the eye socket, mid line of neck (bone of neck), mouth area ( the area inside the nasolabial fold). My area of concern was the jowls, these definatley looked so much better after the treatment even the first time. I have hooded eyes and this does not address them. 

Your device once replaced in the charging cradle will automatically turn off after 20 minutes if you don't remember to turn it off. 

This device has been featured on Ellen DeGeneres Show, Racheal Ray and Kathy and Hoda's Today show as an Editor's pick.

Hint: Reapply the gel if it starts to dry, it must be moist to help the device glide smoothly over your skin. Salon microcurrent facials run around $250 per treatment so you end up saving quite a bit of money. Regarding the gel after reading some responses online I found out that Aloe works once you run out of gel and its much cheaper.

This has a rRechargeable battery. This is the only hand held at home facial toning device according to their site and it's also been called the billion dollar brow lift.

I highly recommend this simple tool to help lift and improve your aging skin. 

Warnings: Not for children, pregnant women, people with cancer/tumors, people with cardiac pacemakers, people with implanted defibrillators/stimulators or any electronic implanted devices. Anyone with recent facial surgery, severe illnesses, epilepsy or seizures should consult a doctor before using this. This is for cosmetic use only. If a rash or redness occurs see a physician and stop using the device. If you are planning corrective cosmetic surgery doctors recommend this to increase muscle tone and post surgery to reduce puffiness. 

FDA cleared     

 Ingredients of gel: Water 1,2 Propanediol, Acrylic Acid Polymer, Caprylyl Glycol, Methylisothiazolonone, CEllulose Polymer

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