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Numb3rs - The Complete Second Season (DVD, 2006, 6-Disc Set)

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Numb3rs - The Complete Second Season - Math and Crime Collide

Aug 6, 2012
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Pros:Entertaining second season.  Interesting characters.

Cons:Case.  Few new characters not as likable.

The Bottom Line: Numb3rs - The Complete Second Season is an entertaining DVD set for fans of the show.

I watched Numb3rs when it originally aired and I really enjoyed the show.  I have started to pick up the DVD sets for the series when I’ve found them on sale.  I recently finished watching Numb3rs - The Complete Second Season.

Numb3rs is an hour long drama that features the FBI that aired on CBS from 2005 to 2010.  All the seasons are available on DVD.  I have seen episodes airing on the local CBS station that I get late at nights on the weekends.  I think I saw it on another station once too, though I can’t remember which station that was now.

The second season is the first full length season of Numb3rs.  The series continues to follow FBI agent Don Epps on various cases his team investigates.  He gets help from his math genius brother Charlie and their father Alan, a retired city planner, is always around and sometimes is able to contribute something helpful to a case as well.  Charlie uses different math principles and equations to help solve cases.  Amita, Charlie’s grad student in the first season, is now a professor and she, along with Larry, end up helping Charlie with the math as well.  Every episode deals with a different case while also dealing with issues for some of the characters.

The biggest change for the second season of Numb3rs are the character changes.  Terry Lake has transferred to a different city.  Megan Reeves and Colby Granger are new members of the team.  Megan is a profiler and Colby is a rookie agent who has been to Afghanistan.  Megan fits in well right from the start and is accepting of Charlie’s math.  It takes a little longer for Colby to settle in, probably because he and David clash a bit at first before becoming friends.  I do really like Megan and think she makes a good addition to the show.  Amita is now a professor, and she does struggle to deal with that change a bit.  She and Charlie also struggle to figure out their relationship and if they want to pursue a personal relationship.  

Don and his team continue to investigate a variety of crimes during the second season of Numb3rs.  They investigate murder, kidnaping, gang violence, drugs, a school shooting, possible terrorist activity and a shooting inside the FBI that freaks Charlie out in a big way.  For most episodes, the crime is shown during the first minute or two and then Don and the team quickly get to work.  Once or twice, the team is already working on an investigation when the episode begins.  There are shootings, some car chases and even a few explosions during the episodes, which help to add to the action.  Violence is shown, though it isn’t that graphic.  

Charlie helps in every investigation during season two of Numb3rs, using complicated math to help solve the crimes.  Sometimes Charlie uses some kind of equation or principal already known and other times he comes up with his own equation for the situation.  I think it is really interesting how math can be used to help in so many different types of investigations.  Charlie is able to help predict where a criminal will go or strike next at times.  The math stuff sounds believable, but I have no idea how accurate it is.  I took several years of algebra, but the math Charlie does is way above my knowledge.  He will explain the different theories or equations he uses to members of the team, which also serves to explain things to the audience.  The explanations are done on a level to make them more understandable.  Amita and Larry provide the explanations at times when they are assisting Charlie.  He is shown writing out equations in most of the episodes.  Visuals are still used to help illustrate the explanations that Charlie gives.  Other graphics are used when Charlie has some kind of break through on how to figure out something.

Don and Charlie’s relationship continues to play an important part to what is going on during the second season of Numb3rs.  They get along fairly well overall, though they have a few disagreements every so often.  Both of them have some lingering issues from when they were growing up that they still haven’t fully dealt with.  Alan has a few small disagreements with his sons at times, but overall, their relationship is strong.  Megan and Colby work well with the rest of the team and with Charlie even though they don’t always understand what he is doing.  After Larry and Megan meet, it is quickly shown that they are interested in each other.  They have a somewhat unusual relationship, but I think it works.  Charlie and Amita consider attempting to start a more personal relationship now that she is no longer his grad student.  It comes out that Don has had some issues in previous relationships.  

Charlie and Don continue to receive the most attention.  Don can be a little abrasive at times, even with his brother, but he’s likable overall.  Charlie does struggle with a few things, something that is interesting since it is a contrast to how he is where math is concerned.  Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz are good in the parts and believable as brothers.  Alan goes back to work and decides to start dating.  Judd Hirsch is good in the part.  Amita does get a little more to do, though she isn’t in every episode even though Navi Rawat is listed as a regular cast member for the season instead of a guest star.  

There really isn’t anything new shared about David.  He seems to have a little more authority at times.  He ends up frequently working with Colby, the newest agent on the team.  The two men end up working together well after having a few clashes at first.  Megan is a profiler and it seems like she has been with the FBI for a while.  She acts as the second in command if Don isn’t available.  I do like Megan and think Diane Farr is good in the part.  Larry helps Charlie at times and has a decent friendship with Alan.  Larry is very intelligent, though a bit quirky.  He sells his house and basically becomes homeless by the end of the season.  Peter MacNicol is really good in the part.  A few other characters turn up in one or two episodes who will end up returning in later seasons of the show.

The twenty-four episodes that make up Numb3rs - The Complete Second Season are on six discs.  The case unfolds, and has two discs per panel, with one slightly overlapping the other, making it necessary to remove the top disc to get to the second one.  I really don’t like this type of case.  There are short plot summaries for the episodes on the panels of the case that don’t hold discs.  The extras include commentaries on some episodes, some behind the scenes footage, a blooper reel and something called Crunching Numbers: Season Two.  The extras are interesting and I think worth watching.

Numb3rs is an interesting and entertaining show that gives a different twist to the procedural type of show by using math.  Numb3rs - The Complete Second Season is a good DVD set for fans of the show and worth checking out.

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