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O Brother, Where Art Thou? (VHS, 2001)

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Boys, My wife done runn oft

Sep 5, 2001
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Pros:The music just doesn't get any better, Clooney was spectacular!

Cons:The movie tends to be hard to keep up with.

The Bottom Line: Life in the South during the depression with a great twist of humor!

The movie is set in Mississippi during the great depression of the 1930's. Literally everyone was dirt poor, broke. Mcgill had been thrown in prison for practicing law without a license. When he arrives in the Mississippi state prison he is chained to two other men (Pete and Delmar) then put on a chain gang.

Right off the bat McGill talks Pete and Delmar into a prison escape. He had to make up a good story to convince the boys to try an escape. So he tells Pete and Delmar that he was in for knocking over an armored car and that he had buried the bank roll before his capture.

The crazy adventure, heading home

The reason McGill needed to escape was that his wife of seven daughters and many years was to marry a man in just a few days. She wanted a "bonafide" man who wasn't constantly in trouble with his scheming plans. So she told the children that their father had been hit by a train and was dead. She then divorced McGill and set her sites on a "bonafide" man. McGill had no intention on letting this go down! During their trip back to McGill's hometown they run across nearly every situation you can imagine. From getting baptized to catching a ride and robbing a bank with Baby face Nelson. They also run into a Bible salesman (John Goodman) who wants to show them how to make some good money all in the name of the good lord.

The threesome also runs across a young colored man who is a fine guitar player. He was on his way to a local radio station to play a tune. The radio station would pay $10 a piece to any decent musicians who would play. He'd also record the music which was his to air at will. So the four of them show up at the paying radio station to play a song as the Soggy Bottom Boys. McGill leads the group in a great old home spun Bluegrass song. Then when they were done, collected some sixty dollars from the station manager. How's that, you ask? The radio station owner was blind as a bat so McGill told him that there was six men in the Soggy Bottom Boys, band.

Now they have some money and strike out for McGill's hometown, after that buried money that didn't exist...

They do make it to his hometown eventually. He gets right to business explaining how he will straighten out his act and how she (Penny, Holly Hunter) was not going to marry another man. He takes her by the arm and starts to head outside to continue their talk, when her husband to be interrupts.

"You will take your hand off my fiancee!"

McGill wastes no time getting busy with this home wrecker. He promptly figures out this man is well versed in the art of boxing, as he gets knots thumped all over his head.

All of this time that song they had recorded for some quick cash had become a smash hit! Everyone in Mississippi was looking for the Soggy Bottom Boys, Including the Law!

This is one of the funniest flicks I have ever seen! I never imagined I'd see George Clooney in a comedy. I guess because he does such a superb job in drama (The Perfect Storm).

It turns out he is excellent in everything he does, in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

If you see this movie not expecting a great plot and just seeing it for what it is, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. I have never seen a movie anything like it. The comedy was good, the acting was great and the music was outstanding(I enjoyed the music to the extent I'll be buying the sound track). I think everyone should see this movie once. The Coen brothers do have twisted and different sense of humor! If you enjoyed Their other movies (Fargo, Raising Arizona, The Hudsucker Proxy and The Big Lebowski)Be assured you will enjoy O Brother , Where Art Though?

Thanks for reading my review,


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