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HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator

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HP 12C calculator is all you'll ever need for finances

Jul 18, 2006
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Pros:Totally professional

Cons:takes a bit of getting used to having no equal(=)key

The Bottom Line: Super reliable calculator/computer for professional and advanced home use

The Hewlett Packard HP 12C is a complete financial calculator that figures everything from simple percentages to complicated return on investment calculations. It is a powerhouse contained in a shirt pocket calculator(with a nice stylish simulated leather black case).

I tried my hand at real estate years ago(1993)and bought one of these calculators. It performed flawlessly. It works like a computer in that the figures have to be "entered". So, you have to get used to the format. For example, a simple calculation such as 10x10=100 would be entered as 10(enter)10(x)...there is no "equal"(=) sign on the 12C.

It figures principle and interest payments on loans as well as bond valuations and future value on investments. If you can think of the problem, this calculator can compute the answer.

You can even set up your own "function key setting" to calculate any number of variables on problems that YOU personally encounter. Very Neat! The instruction manual well over 200 pages...yes, it's a book.

One cool feature is a projected date function that will calculate the exact day and year of any specific time period (X) number of days in the future. Want to know what day of the week it will be 28,500 days from today? The HP12C will calculate it for you(during slack times at the Real Estate office, we'd come up with such diversions). The practical aspect of that feature is obviously for scheduling deadlines that are time sensitive and have to meet a certain number of days from signing to closing.

Most calculators have a memory function. The 12C has memory banks that can hold 9 active numbers at a time using the keypad numbers to choose the location of each number plus memory banks to hold the formulas!

The HP12C is truly a pro type calculator/computer.

Durability? Well, the HP12C I bought in 1993 is still in perfect order and has only had ONE change of batteries(the small button type).

Recommend this product? Yes

Purchase Price: 85.00

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