Olde Cape Cod Lobster Bisque (Case of 6) Reviews
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Olde Cape Cod Lobster Bisque (Case of 6)

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Olde Cape Cod Lobster Bisque is my idea of canned soup!

Dec 2, 2012
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Pros:great flavor, easy to prepare, easy to find, reasonable price

Cons:no lobster chunks, requires can opener

The Bottom Line: I really enjoyed this soup and plan to buy and eat it again even if we aren't dealing with a natural disaster. 

I have tried all sorts of canned soups over the years and have learned that I just don't like them.  When Hurricane Sandy was heading toward the New Jersey Shore, I didn't do anything to stock up the kitchen with food because I had a freezer full of stuff that would have to be cooked if we lost power and my husband was bringing a generator home from work.  I figured we'd be just fine and we were.  We only lost power for about 18 hours and had the generator to keep the fridge, heat, and wireless router on. 

But when another coastal storm blew up the coast just one week later, I started to panic a bit.  I had family members and friends in the area (even just one block up the street) who STILL hadn't gotten power back yet.  The contents of their fridges and freezers were long gone and they were living on canned and shelf-stable foods.  I hit up the grocery store and picked up a couple of loaves of bread, canned tuna... and the dreaded canned soup.  I knew that I would never want to eat Campbell's or similar soups, so I spent $3-4 per can of pricier items like Olde Cape Cod Gourmet Lobster Bisque.  Yes, I know I am a soup snob.  I've accepted it. 

About This Product

Olde Cape Cod Lobster
Bisque is sold as a condensed soup in a 15 ounce can.  The label describes it as "a rich cream soup made from finely minced lobster".  It also states that there are no artificial preservatives in the soup.  The company states that you can serve this soup as is as an appetizer or with extra seafood, potatoes, and/or vegetables to create a heartier dish for a main course.

To prepare the soup, you are told to put the contents of the can in a small saucepan and then add another can's worth of water, milk, half and half, or heavy cream.  The label also suggests adding a dash of sherry for a "homemade note" and even a bit of butter and fresh parsley on top as garnishes. 

According to the company, a serving size is 1/2 cup... but I'm not sure if that is before or after the condensed soup has been thinned out.  Each serving supposedly contains 70 calories and I'm sure that is BEFORE thinning as there are different options to add.  The label states that it is 98% fat-free and each serving contains 2 grams of fat, 5 milligrams of cholesterol, 980 milligrams of sodium, 9 grams of carbohydrates, and 2 grams of protein. 

My Experience

Again, we were very lucky in that we only lost power for 12 hours or so during the nor'easter so we didn't have to use the canned soup, tuna, and bread that I bought.  It wasn't until today that I remembered the soup.  We were hanging out at home and needed to have something for lunch.  My husband had a sandwich with leftover sliced turkey but I just didn't want turkey for lunch so I decided to try some soup from my emergency storm supply.

Cooking the soup was easy.  You just open it up, dump into a sauce pan, and then add water, milk, cream, etc.  I added half a can of heavy cream and half a can of skim milk because that's what I had on hand.  There's no way I'd ever make this soup with water.  What is the point of having lobster bisque if it isn't creamy, thick, and luxurious? I also added a splash of dry sherry and teeny pat of butter as per the label suggestions.

I really really reeeeeeeally liked this soup! It had the great flavors of lobster bisque though not the chunks of lobster that you'd get in a restaurant.  It didn't have the metallic taste that most canned soups have... it was simply delicious.  I'm not someone who voluntarily decides to have canned soup for lunch EVER but I would definitely have this Gourmet Lobster Bisque again tomorrow.  It is THAT good. 

Overall Opinion

I'm not a fan of canned soup in general but I love Olde Cape Cod Lobster Bisque.  This is definitely something that I will buy again and keep in my emergency storm supplies.  Highly recommended!

P.S. If you are buying canned soup and tuna to have on hand for power outages, also buy yourself a hand-held can opener. When you have no power and cans of this delicious soup, you're out of luck.  Don't ask me how I know this. 

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