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Mar 13, 2012 (Updated Mar 28, 2012)
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Pros:Shatters well

Cons:Can look like a bloody mess

The Bottom Line: Goes well with many holiday themes.  Limited on undercoat colors.

Shatter was the new in thing for my girls last summer.  One of my girls is more traditional in her appearance and chose to go with a common color rather than expressing herself with bright color polishes.  Her choice for our at home nail spa day was a pink base with OPI Red Shatter.  I was concerned at first that red may not look youthful enough for her, but paired up with the pink it looked darling on. 

We tried many colors over the days but didn’t find anything we liked with what we had to work with at home.  We have tried pink, silver, and gold, and white for base coats.  A lighter color is a good option, but some darker shades made the red look darker and more like blood red.

I haven’t had much luck sharing my daughter’s nail polishes, but this one works a little for me.  It can be dressed up with a conservative shade for the under color.  Most colors that we tried looked better with short nails, but this one looks at tad bit better with longer nails. 

This is a genuine red so the shade works great for the holidays.  Christmas with gold or silver glitter base, valentines with a pink base, 4th of July with a white base, Halloween with a dark base, and of course an everyday color for any other day. 

This formula is designed to shatter so even if it were put on a bare nail it would have a shatter effect.  The purpose is for this color to shatter so that the base color can show through and gives an interesting nail appearance.  People who have never seen the shatter lacquer before are always amazed.  OPI has a few different colors of shatter.  I like this one because it looks more appropriate for my age.  I think it also shatters a lot better than other OPI Shatter we have.     

The bottle looks like the other shades in a .5 fluid ounce bottle and costs the same, around $8.  The shatter is normally displayed separate from the other shades and has a shatter-looking wrapper on the lid.    

The shatter is easy to apply.  The first step is applying a colorful base coat and letting it dry completely.  The shatter paints on like any other lacquer but shrinks as it dries to create a crack in the red.  The under color shows through where the cracks are.  Each nail looks different. 

The red shatter can be scraped off easily so I like to cover it with OPI Clear Top Coat for longer wear.  The gloss of the top coat also helps it look more professional.

The consistency of this is smoother going on compared to other shatter products and the bottle has lasted a year so far without separating or thickening in comparison to other shatter or crackle brands we have.  The color looks nice if paired with a complementary color but can just as easily look like a Halloween mess due to the blood red appearance.  I think the shade looks better on longer nails.  We use this shatter the  the most when celebrating various holidays.

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