Opti Free Puremoist Rewet Drops, 12 Ml (Alcon) Reviews
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Opti Free Puremoist Rewet Drops, 12 Ml (Alcon)

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Alcon Opti-Free PureMoist Rewetting Drops: A Video Gamers Best Friend

May 26, 2012
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Pros:Easy to use, small bottle, two drops = ocular bliss.

Cons:Some people can't use drops, potential to ruin eye liner.

The Bottom Line: The .40 ounce bottle is a godsend for those with dry eyes and a necessity for online games!

If you wear contacts chances are at some point in time you've gotten dry eye or some kind of irritation. When you can't take them out to properly inspect and clean them, having a rewetting solution can really help. One of the downsides is that it's something that you buy with the intention of using it then either misplace it or go to reach for it and it looks like the floor of a New York subway station. I got a small bottle as a sample and when I used most of it I grabbed another 'full size' one at Wal-Mart.

The only con to this is the bottle shape; if it were something flat like Visine it would be a little easier to handle when you are trying to put the drops in. I don't have problems putting drops in most of the time but because this is a short stout round bottle it can be hard to get a solid grip on it, tilt your head back, move your field of vision and actually get the fluid in your eye. If an eye care company ever came up with an eye drop bottle with a texture to it or with some way to grip it easier I would gladly convert.

This works like most other drops for contact lens wearers; it's for when your eyes are dry, when you've been online too long or you are in dusty surroundings. With summer almost here, I am sure I am going to be sneezing a lot more than usual and that means puffy eyes. That will be the true test of Alcon Opti-Free PureMoist Rewetting Drops but so far it's worked great when I've been playing video games as well as being online. Like any other eye drop, if you wear eyeliner in raccoon fashion you are going to end up with it smudging. In some cases the oils or pigments from the eye liner could be causing the discomfort so make sure that if you wear eye liner on the lid you are cleaning your lenses properly.

Two or three drops in each eye and then about thirty seconds of 'closed eye' is usually enough to get rid of dryness or if there is something on the lens. If possible I do try to remove the lens but there are times when you can't wash your hands and trust me, if you are handling cash or food you do not want to play around with your contact lenses without washing your hands first and no, baby wipes and hand sanitizers do not count. The sample bottle I got lasted longer than I expected and I was impressed with how well it worked without having to remove my lenses. There were a few occasions when the drops alone were not enough and I did have to stop what I was doing to remove one or both of them but that was mainly due to the environment that I was in [heavy dust and pollen].

For about five dollars I am impressed with how this works and the relief that it provides. Instead of sitting there wincing and squinting to try to clear my eyes I can have a couple Alcon Opti-Free PureMoist Rewetting Drops and be done with it. This doesn't do much if you have them in for a whole day; if that's the case you might get about a half hour of relief before the dryness comes back so that's when you need to go-geek, take out the contact lenses and slip on the glasses. My optometrist gave me a couple rewetting samples to try when I told him I game on a regular basis. This was the one that worked best for me and it's something that I'll continue to buy unless I get samples of something that works better for my specific needs.

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