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Oreck XL Professional Ionizer Air Purifier

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Oct 7, 2007 (Updated Jan 1, 2008)
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Pros:Cleans air? Easy to clean the Truman cell? Easy to use. Small. Quieter than expected.

Cons:Makes loud pops/cracks, Didn't make air quality difference, retail price fairly expensive. Possibly produces ozone.

The Bottom Line: Based on the claims, it just doesn't do what it says. I will keep using it to see if I can get a noticeable difference in air quality.

Well, maybe I should have read these reviews before I got the unit. Fortunately I got a good deal on this one new from eBay for only $265.

I have been using the unit for only about 2 weeks. So far no noticeable difference in air quality or smell or anything. The quietest setting is too loud for me to sleep with, after 2 weeks there is A LOT of dust on the unit and around it on my dresser, and now it is making a loud hissing noise which resembles the sound of my front lawn sprinklers...

I got the unit because my bedroom is always dusty and stuffy. I thought this might help that. It did not. On top of that I have had a sore throat and head cold since I started using the unit. Though I'm not sure if it is actually related to the use of the unit...

I also just found out that this unit is like all the others and produces OZONE!! OZONE is bad for your health. It really baffles me as to how all these air purifiers that are designed to help your air quality are actually producing ozone and are bad for your health. This was one of the reasons for my purchase of this unit because it did not state anything about being an 'Ionizer' or 'Ozone generator'.

Some other things I noticed are that the night light always comes on when you turn the unit on (doesn't remember the night light setting) and constantly makes loud pops and cracks like something is shorting out (I suspect large particles of dust are creating static inside the Truman cell or other dust/hair is creating a short circuit inside the Truman cell. It sounds like a spark and is a little scary...).

I am interested in finding an air purifier that does what it claims and doesn't produce ozone. Hopefully I can find such a product. Unfortunately this was not it.

UPDATE 01/01/08:

I have this unit still sitting on my dresser. I occasionally turn it on for a while to see if I will notice a difference. It's still hard to say. I turn it on to Medium setting while vacuuming and cleaning my room and it seems to help catch dust flying around when the air is circulated more (noticeable dust/dirt when cleaning the Truman cell).

I also did not note before that the 'Ionizer' can be turned off. Hopefully this will keep that harmful Ozone out of my room. The pops and cracks that I noted previously are good indicators that it is time to clean. After soaking the Truman cell in some soapy water and rinsing it clean and letting it dry the pops and cracks go away for a while.

The cleaning process is simple (soapy water soaking for a bit and then rinsing off). But it has to be completely dry before inserting the Truman cell back in. After an hour or 2 of drying it still gave me a blinking red light that the collector cell needed to be checked. There cannot be ONE drop of water on this thing.

So my original review still reflects my overall rating of the product. The fact that it just sits on my dresser unused shows the fact that it doesn't do much. If it actually did much I would probably be more inclined to keep the thing on and be happy to come home to a fresh air bedroom (which is what I thought it would be like before getting it). Though just the reviews of the motor and parts breaking make me fearful of leaving it on during the day.

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