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Panasonic DMP-BDT110 3D Blu-Ray Player

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Solid choice for Blu-ray and streaming internet apps

Jan 7, 2012 (Updated Jan 16, 2012)
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Pros:Easy interface, quick to boot and launch applications, full functionality.

Cons:The only things I'd change don't belong on a unit at this price.

The Bottom Line: If you're in the market for a Blu-Ray player, don't forget to check out this unit.

This device can do many things.  I use some of them and I will review only those functions.  I bought this to replace an aging DVD player and add the capability to stream Netflix.  I'm also happy it works well to show pictures and videos from your computer sources.

This went easily because my TV has enough digital connections to handle my FiOS and Blu-ray inputs both video and audio.  So I connected the BDT110 to the TV by HDMI and plugged in an ethernet cable that was wired to my home network.  Should I have needed them, the BDT110 also offers standard video/audio connections (the red/blue/yellow ones), a digital optical audio port, and a USB connector for a webcam or wireless add-on device.  If you do not have a wired network connection you'll need to purchase the wireless add-on device.

On the first startup after plugging in the network connection, the BDT-110 automatically started up the process of downloading and installing the latest firmware.  This took about 5 minutes.

I have this player plugged into my Panasonic TV, and it's great that the BDT-110's remote has a button to control the TV power and TV input source.  So I really only need the Blu-Ray remote to get things going.  Not sure if this remote can be configured to control other brands of TVs.  The only gotcha is that the player's power button is next to the power button for the TV.  I occasionally hit the wrong power button and turn off the TV when I mean to turn on the player.  <Doh!>

Blu-Ray / DVD:
I have only played DVDs so far but it works really well.  It starts up quickly, provides all of the functions I expect, and seems free of bugs.  Being all digital in audio and video, quality is assured.

Streaming Netflix works really well.  There is a Netflix button on the remote and as long as you wait about 5 seconds for the player to get turned on and booted up, the Netflix shortcut works well.

The menus within the BDT-110 are quite simple: it begins with the "Home" screen and from there you select whether you want to go to a Setup, Music, Videos, Photos, or Network/Internet application.  Setup controls the options for the BDT-110.  Music can be played from a disc or USB connected device.  Videos can access video from an SD card, USB connection (such as your camcorder), or just about any kind of DVD, CD, or Blu-Ray disc.  Photos can be accessed and browsed from the USB connection, directly from an SD card, or a CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc.  My cameras use Compactflash but I plugged in my Compactflash card reader into the USB port for great access to the photos.  The Network menu takes you either to your Home Network (note: this does not connect directly to your home computers, as the name might imply - I suspect it has something to do with some kind of network between Panasonic devices) or to the Internet Content that is supported on this device.

One detail about the interface deserves special mention: if you are in a menu with a few options, clearly you will only be using a few of the many buttons on the remote.  Panasonic shows a map of the remote buttons on screen with the ones relevant to the menu in color.  This saves hunting all over a complicated remote to find the one button you need.

3D TV:
This unit has some kind of 3D TV support.  I don't have a 3D TV or aspirations to buy one anytime soon so I honestly know nothing about it.

Streaming Internet Apps:
The BDT-110 offers access to YouTube, Facebook, Skype (if you have a camera plugged in), Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Accuweather, Pandora, and various sports channels like MLS and  Note that some of these are subscription services - the BDT-110 does not come with subscriptions.  I mostly use it for Netflix.  One thing that would be nice is a full keyboard for entering things like usernames, passwords, and search terms when using these applications but I think that's asking a lot for a player of this price.

Photo Viewer:
The photo viewing function works quite well - I can plug in a memory card from my camera.  It will allow me to show the pictures one-by-one or set up a slideshow.  So now I can use my TV as a 50" digital picture frame.  I have so far only tried accessing .jpg files.

Panasonic has made a well-rounded and functional device in the DMP-BDT110.  I did a little research on this unit before buying it, and overall there were many more satisfied owners compared to the other big brands.  I can see why.

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Amount Paid (US$): 110

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