DVD Player Upgrade - Great Choice

Mar 4, 2013 (Updated Apr 4, 2013)
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Excellent picture quality
Virtually sound free performance

Cons:Hard to set up
Directions were useless
Remote is too complicated

The Bottom Line: Love it - however there is a learning curve.  It's worth it.

My last DVD player was over ten years old.  I was itching to get a new one and COSTCO had one on sale.  I figured I would buy it and if I didn't like it, I would return.  I love it!

This model is sleek, black and very thin and weighs only 3.5 pounds.  
I unpacked it from it's slight box, plugged the included HDMI cable which I plugged into the back of my VIZO television screen.  It took me a while to figure this out as my old DVD player had the white internet cable plugged into it.  This does not even have a cable input which confused me.  Here is my suggestion to set it up:

Turn on the display/TV first, then plug in the HDMI cord to the player, or it  will say "no signal detected" message. If still a problem, disconnect and turn everything off, wait ten seconds, then reassemble the connections, turn the monitor/TV on first, then immediately the player and plug in the HDMI connection cord. 

After some finagling, I was directed to the Home Screen.  The printed directions included are useless, it was an intuitive set up.  It took about 30 minutes to get going.  After I was directed to the Home Screen, I configured my language, screen resolution, speakers and Internet connection.  I have Wi-Fi through my router at home and the DVD player easily located it and connected.  This player has Netflix, Amazon and Hulu all built in.  

I can now view the Internet, watch my Netflix movies all at a very high rate of speed.  No more "buffering" hassles.  I first played a regular non Bue Ray DVD and the upscaling quality was amazing!  It somehow uploads and converts regular DVD quality to BlueRay quality.  I have never seen my screen so sharp and clear.  I am impressed with the pixel quality.

The included remote came with two batteries which I popped it.  The remote itself has a few too many buttons and it took me a while to get oriented.  It does have a direct Netflix button which is nice.   

There is a slot on the top right which will allow me to plug in any camera's or IPhone devices so I can view my photos or video's on the television screen.  I love this feature.

So far so good.

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