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Dec 5, 2012
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Pros:Cheap, plays every kind of DVD that gets thrown at it!

Cons:Not sure about the manual controls.

The Bottom Line: Would recommend this to anyone that needs to play multi-region DVDs or backup DVRs.

We used to live in the UK, and I still receive region 2 DVDs fairly regularly.  Previously, we had watched all our movies on computers, but we finally decided to get a DVD player and a 32" TV to make the experience a bit easier on the eyes.

It was an easy choice to go for a multi-region DVD player due to the fact our collection is completely mix and match in terms of regions.  This Panasonic was pretty much the cheapest and best looking available on Amazon (where we do a lot of shopping) so it was a bit of a no-brainer.

It worked straight out of the box - it was as easy to connect as any other component, with regular cables for audio and picture for the TV.  Set-up took a few minutes.

This is not a Blu-Ray player, so if you want crystal clear, super sharp images, this is probably not for you.  However, everything that we have played through this - Region 0, 1, and 2, as well as back-up DVRs, have worked perfectly, and been as sharp as I would have expected through any player, and certainly up to the capability of the TV.

And here's the other thing.  I have a fair amount of DVDs that I bought used.  They are often ones that in a computer start whirring, and whirring, and then refuse to play.  With this player I have experience almost zero difficulties getting anything to play.  The only exception was a very used copy of Disney's Alice in Wonderland.  I took the novel approach of cleaning the DVD and then it played perfectly. Whaddaya know?

This otherwise fairly basic player comes with an equally basic remote.  It does as expected, and we only use it for the basic play and menu options etc. I have not yet been able to figure out if it's possible to play a DVD from the manual buttons on the player itself - there are play and stop buttons, but it's always been too much hassle for me to try that.  I hope I don't lose my remote now!

One thing I did not expect from such a (relatively) cheap DVD player was that if you pause or stop it halfway through, it starts up again at the place you left it.  I quite like that feature for Dessert breaks during movie watching.

I would not hesitate to buy this again - it's been going strong for 18 months now. 

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