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Panasonic TY-CC20W Web Cam

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great camera with great sound pickup

Dec 25, 2012
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Pros:Very clear and sound is picked up very well

Cons:Viera app. camera controls are useless and fustrating

The Bottom Line: Would be a perfect camera if not for the Viera app functions

Just bought this camera for my wife @ christmas to talk to the in-laws in Romania using the TV instead of the computer web cam.

It is hooked upto a Panasonic P50st50 (see my other review on this set).  As well as a soon to added review on a pair of page_type_~prices SG4100 3D glasses I am using w/ it.

Anyway, the TV is the first page_type_~prices i have owned and am VERY pleased with it as I learn more and more what it can do.  After adding this camera I was put off a little by the Amazon reviews saying the sound was a little weak and minor niggles about picture quality, however I will tell you that I have not had any issues, bar a minor annoyance which I will get into below.

The sound quality is astouding.  We were sittingf about 15 feet away from the TV and the in-laws had to tell us not shout and once we learned that normal talking volume was sufficient it was great (for them).  They also said how clear and crisp the picture was since it was broadcasting in 720p HD.  I don't know what kind of camera they use but it is most definately not HD, so I'm not dinging anything for that since it has nothing to do with this camera's performance.

The little niggle that I had with the camera was that during the camera, it was starting to bog down and get jumpy, plus a black bar appeared about 1/8 to 1/5 the of the right vertical side of the picture.  It was cleared out twice by shutting off the video feed and turning it back on.  So I don't know if it was a TV buffering issue, a connection speed issue or a camera issue, so I won't ding it on this issue either.

The other thing that I ran into was that I played with the contrast, brightness, screen position and so on buttons.  In doing so I hit the reset button.  This yielded a very dark and unfixable video feed through the Viera skype controls.  After looking up dark picture results on the skype community I came across a post for this very problem.  Basically it mentioned you need to go into the advanced camera settings and put the exposure setting back to "auto".  But since the Viera app doesn't give you advanced options to play with it became an issue.  I was about to pack it up and send it back but I tried the computer skype and hooking this camera to that and there was a plethora of other control settings including what I needed.

Thank you for the post "MirAli"   The auto exposure works when you correct it on the computer and it worked fine when the camera was plugged back into the TV and skype app restarted.  So an Amazon return was averted.

As for the physical aspects of the camera, it is a very slim profile and very unobtrusive.  I was going to diconnect this and place it behind the TV at first but since it is hardly noticable I will be leaving it alone.  (Eventhogh the government and aliens might secretly activate it and spy on me. lol :P~)

Good job page_type_~prices in making a great TV web camera, but please work on the Viera app. options so you don't have to use an alternate method to adjust settings on the thing . . .

Great sound pickup and clear picture

Poor Viera app camera controls

The Bottom Line:
Don't hit the reset/default buttons on the Viera app and its great

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