Lefleur's Bluff State Park

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A Brief Escape From The City

Aug 23, 2001
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Pros:Near major cities, some scenic values, and a nice place for gatherings.

Cons:No fish, crowded camping, very little wildlife.

The Bottom Line: Do not go out of your way to go to Lefleur's Bluff State Park, but if you live near it, stop by for lunch one day!

Lefluer's Bluff state park is conveniently located right in Jackson off of Lakeland Dr. I have been there probably about 5 times for various occasions from camping to going to parties. The fees for the park are as follows. If you just want to drive in and stay for the day, then the fee is $2 per car. If you want to spend the night, the campsites range in price from $8 - $15. It is a nice escape to nature from the city. This is a somewhat scenic park though not worth a drive from out of town. The down sides of the park are listed first, followed by the parks good features.

First, I would not recommend this park for fishing. I have been a few times as I said before, and I have never caught a fish, nor have I ever seen anyone catch a fish, or even heard of someone catching a fish. Furthermore, you cannot rent boats here like at most parks, so it is all fishing from the bank.

Second, if you want to camp and get away from crowds, do not go here because the campsites are always crowded, because it is near the city. Furthermore, there is no back country camping. All people come here for car camping or in RVs. The problem with this is that cars are constantly driving through, and there are usually tons of people making noise till late at night. So don't camp there looking for peace and quiet. The camping areas are average, but they are definitely crammed in together, so prepare yourself to be right next to your neighbors.

Third, there is very little wildlife here. This is probably because of it's proximity to the city. There are birds, but other than that there are only people!

Now for the three positive attributes of the park.

The first I have already talked about, and that is its proximity to Jackson. It is only 5 minutes from downtown, 10 minutes from North Jackson, and 20 minutes from Rankin and Madison. It can definitely be accessed by many very easily.

Second, it definitely has beauty with one medium size lake and another smaller one, and there are a few nature trails, although they are not very long. If you want a quiet place to eat your lunch during the week or want to go for a walk in the woods on your lunch break this is the ideal place to see beautiful scenery, since it is not as crowded on the weekdays.

Lefluer's Bluff is also a great place for parties. I have been to many functions there, and they have wonderful facilities for large barbecues and other types of parties. They have large covered areas with many picnic tables spread throughout the park. Furthermore, many of these are in close proximity to the lake, which makes it very enjoyable if you are there for sunset. It really a pleasant place for an outside gathering.

If you live near Lefluer's Bluff, I say at least check it once during the middle of a weekday for some time at peace because tranquility can be found even in the middle of the city.

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