Roosevelt State Park

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One of the best State Parks in Mississippi

Aug 22, 2001
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Pros:Beautiful lake, good fishing, nice camping sites, and lots of activities!

Cons:Can get crowded.

The Bottom Line: Roosevelt is great place, especially for families, but also if you are just a fisherman looking for a place to catch a few fish.

I have probably been to Roosevelt state park about 10 times in my life, and I have never had a bad experience there. It is just an all around great park. You have great access as it is right off of the interstate in Morton, MS. The signs are wonderful so you cannot get lost. There is always something to do at Roosevelt, and a variety of things so that everyone can have fun.

Roosevelt's main scenery is it's lake. Other than that it is all woods, this is nice, but it is the norm for MS state parks. If you are lucky, then you will catch a sunset over the lake. The lake is a huge mirror of purples, reds, oranges, and yellows that will stay in your mind forever.

I started going to Roosevelt S.P. when I was about 15 years old. We went there because it was a nice sized lake and the fishing was decent. From my experience, most state parks do not have good fishing because they are over fished. You usually have to go to private lakes to catch anything, but that is not the case with Roosevelt. I have been there many times and caught many fish.

I also went to Roosevelt because, I worked for a group home in MS where there were children that were there because they were taken from there parents, their parents brought them there, or they were wards of the state. We always had young fisherman in our program. I mean these kids loved to fish. They don't care if they catch anything, they just like the chance of catching something. They loved it at Roosevelt.

Here we could rent boats for $5 and they could go out as far as they wanted and they loved the freedom. Roosevelt's lake is decently large, so if you want to move around it comfortably bring a trolling motor. They never caught many fish, but they always had a good time.

Another good thing about Roosevelt state park is that they have a game room. This is great if you have a big group of kids and the weather gets bad because there is shelter and the kids have something to do. As most people know, there is nothing scarier than about 8 bored kids.

Furthermore,they have a huge water slide that goes off into the lake, but I have never been there when it was in use. If they have started using this, then it would truly be a great place for kids.

I have also been camping there many times and the facilities are very nice. The campsites will run you from $8 to $15 depending on if you have electricity. If you get there early in the day you can camp right next to the lake. It is just wonderful to have the crickets sing you to sleep. It is very peaceful out there. This is odd because there are usually a lot of people at Roosevelt because it is such a great place. So if you want to be alone, do not pick this park for camping.

I quit camping there and only went for the fishing because I have two dogs and when I go camping, I like to have the option of taking them off of their leashes so they can run free. You definitely cannot do this at Roosevelt without having them run off to go meet everyone.

All in all Roosevelt is a great place for the fisherman young and old, the car camper, and someone who wants to take their kids outside!

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