Tishomingo State Park

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Aug 21, 2001 (Updated Aug 22, 2001)
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Pros:Waterfalls, lake, river, historical, lots of trails, and so few people.

Cons:Access only from the Natchez Trace and that is slow traveling. No back country camping.

The Bottom Line: I have to repeat again because I cannot emphasize it enough. If you live in MS or a surrounding state GO TO TISHOMINGO STATE PARK you will not regret it!

I have been to Tishomingo state park about 5 times, and I can honestly say that it is the most beautiful place in MS. I am serious the world around it not that beautiful but driving in to Tishomingo you will think you were warped to North Carolina. It is amazing, and the great thing about it is that so few people know about it. The pros FAR outweigh the cons, but there are some cons which are listed below.

The worst thing about Tishomingo S.P. is that there is no back country camping. This means that you can only camp in designated areas, no camping off the trail. This is disappointing because you cannot get away from everything if you like solitude, but do not worry so few people know about the park that you can usually find a camping spot that is somewhat isolated. For those who like to car camp, this is a great place because every developed sight has running water and easy access to restrooms. For those who want to "rough it" as much as possible they also have undeveloped campsites, and usually you can camp there without seeing anyone besides those in your party.

The only other problem with the park is that there is no good way to get their. When I say this I mean that the main access is through the Natchez Trace. Don't get me wrong, the trace is beautiful but you cannot go fast on it and watch out for Park Rangers, I have heard the fines for speeding are pretty stout. Tishomingo is about 4 - 4 1/2 hrs. away from Jackson. That was where I was usually coming from. Other than these two minor problems Tishomingo is the promised land of MS.

Now we will look at the good points about Tishomingo, and trust me their are a lot. First, there is so much that you can do here. The hiking trails are wonderful, they are very well maintained so almost anyone can go them young or old. This was the main thing that I have experience in for Tishomingo. They also have a nice sized lake. I have never fished it, but the Rangers said that the fishing was pretty good. There are also MANY places for rock climbing. I mean there are huge boulders and rock walls all over the place. You will not believe that this is Mississippi. I have never seen anything this pretty in MS before.

Talking about the beauty, there are many waterfalls throughout the park. I am a big waterfall buff so I try to go after a good rain so that they will all be flowing. When you get there ask the Ranger what waterfalls are currently running for further information. There really are some extremely impressive waterfalls for the south.

Also, there is historical side to Tishomingo. As I said before, I mainly went for the hiking so I am not as familiar with this side of the park, but if you like historical places, this is one to check out.

As has been stated before a very important aspect about the park is that there are so few people there no matter when you go. People just do not know about the park yet, so you can really find solitude and peace.

If you decide to go, make sure that you go to these places. Forgive me, I just moved, so I cannot find all my maps but what I tell you should be sufficient information for you to find it.

(1)Hike as many of the trails as possible. You will see lots of wildlife and many waterfalls. Especially hike the trail that you have to cross the swinging bridge to get to that is the most beautiful one in my opinion.

(2)Make sure you see the swinging bridge, it is really a sight to see, and it also has some historical value to it.

(3)There is a trail that about 300yds to the right of the Ranger Station and Gift shop. It is a little more difficult and not as well maintained, but if you feel up to it, it has some spectacular views of the river.

I have to repeat again because I cannot emphasize it enough. If you live in MS or a surrounding state Go to Tishomingo State Park you will not regret it!

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