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Allegany ( Caine Hollow - Quaker Camping Area )

Sep 7, 2000
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Pros:Most sites are somewhat secluded and pleasant.

Cons:The sites are a good distance from other park activities such as the beach and Administration building.

Well, with my stay at the Red House Camping / Tent site in Allegany this summer, I thought it would only be fair to review the Caine Hollow / Quaker Sites at the southern end of the park. I'll talk about the campsites themselves which are very nice, and then discuss some of the disadvantages to this area.

Welcome To Caine Hollow

There was a little confusion the first time I entered the Quaker Camping Area at Allegany State Park; I had never heard it referred to as "Caine Hollow" which is most certainly what it is called. Being much more familiar with the Northern, Red House portion of Allegany, I was expecting the same sort of generic "Red House Camping" label.

After travelling about 1/3 of a mile from the main park road, you'll come to the entrance to the campgrounds. Here, as in Red House, they'll make sure you are all checked in, give you important information and the like.

Visible form the gate are two large pieces of playground equipment for the kids. One somewhat near to the road and in the open, another tucked up a little further up the hill and closer to the wooded area.

Wooded area extends on your left and a large open field opens up on your right hand side.

Loop A

Loop A has sites #1-#42. Actually it is two loops, one larger main one with the bulk of the campsites, and a smaller one with about twelve more veering off and back again.

This ENTIRE area however is all open field. In fact, from one side from the other you won't find a single tree. Personally, I have never felt an urge for this sort of arrangement. there's no seclusion, no privacy, and I wouldn't doubt that people at the opposite end of the loop have a good idea what goes on at the other end. It's just that open. Then again, if you are one of those people who seems to enjoy this type of area ... this is definitely for you.

All 42 of the sites have electricity. Restrooms / showers are located at one end of the loop.

Unlike the Red House Camping Area, Caine Hollow has restrooms / showers which are all individual "booths" in one building. In other words, what you have is a large building with doors down it's entire length which read "shower, shower, toilet, toilet, shower, shower". You get the idea.
All of the Loops in Caine Hollow had this same type of arrangement.

Loop A is located before the rest of the Camping Loops and is situated pretty much by itself.

Loop B

Loop B travels along the main road, and in fact is two long strips rather than one larger loop. After turning into the access road to Loops B through D, Loop B #43-#55 are to your left and Loop B #56-#73 are to your right. There all also four sites, #74-#77, which follow up the main road between the two areas of Loop B.

All of these sites have electric hookups with the exception of site #73.

Restrooms / showers are located ( two buildings ) at both ends of this loop.

Loop C

Sites #78-#133 are located in Loop C. It's a little more tricky as to which sites have electricity and which don't. When you first enter, sites #78-80 on the main drive have electricity.

#81-#107 DO NOT have any electricity. These sites are all on the first of two actual loops which are combined into the "Loop C" area.

On the second loop of the area, #108,#110-#123 have electricity, while #124-#133 DO NOT.

The two restroom / shower buildings are both located in the electrical portion ( towards one end ) of Loop C. It's a pretty good walk ( though not horrible ) from sites #80-#107.

Loop D

Loop D has sites #134-#164. These are all NON-Electrical sites. There are two restroom/ shower buildings located, one to each end of the loop.

Loops B,C,D

What I would have liked to do is point out a few of the sites which were perhaps nicer than the others. In fact, this is what I started to jot down while I was there. What I quickly figured out is that ALL of these sites in these three loops are pleasant enough.

All of the sites in B,C & D are wooded, unlike the Loop A sites.

There is a good distance between you and the site next to you, for the most part. This is something which would have been nice during our stay at the Red House sites. I would say that there is two to three times the space between the Caine Hollow sites, as compared to the Red House sites.

Water faucets are fairly well located, and overall the restrooms/ showers are as well.

Fun for the whole family ???

Well, here's the point I've been waiting to make through this entire review. When compared campground to campground, I'd have to say that Caine Hollow beats the Allegany Red House area hands down. HOWEVER ...

While staying at the Red House campground, it's only a short walk or bike ride down a path to the lake, mini-golf, beach, other playgrounds, and the Administration building. Pretty much, if you don't want to bring a car ( In the case of an RV ) or if you just don't feel like driving, you don't need to.

Now the Allegany Caine Hollow sites are located 1 2/3 miles (approximate) from the beach area and an untold amount of miles from the main Administration building. There's no convenient bike / foot paths and nothing really near to the sites other than the two pieces of play equipment that I've mentioned.

Because of this, If you have children, or even if you just don't wish to drive your car much, I would have to recommend the Red House sites of the Caine Hollow sites. If you're just wanting to get area, read, keep to yourself, and relax, then Caine Hollow is just right for you!

What's Left ?

Well, there is a dump station for your RV / camper located close to the sites ... other than that ... I think I've just about covered it all.


Current Rates for the Caine Hollow Sites are $13-$17 per night depending on the season and electric / non-electric sites.

Sites can usually be acquired at the park, in person, or through .

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