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Allegany Redhouse Area (Congdon Trail Cabins)

Oct 4, 2000
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Pros:Quiet Getaway, Price.

Cons:"single" bunk beds, limited showers in the summer months.

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Keeping with my theory that nothing, and no place is created equal, I am going to continue reviewing Allegany State Park in bits and pieces as I get to know them.

My latest trip involved a two night stay in the "Congdon Trail" cabins.

October 1, 2000

On this most wonderful Autumn day, with the temperatures rising well into the seventies, The leaves at Allegany State Park were just wonderful. You name it, color wise, and it was there. All shades of greens, reds, yellows, golds, oranges and more! This is one of the advantages of staying in the park in the Autumn!

Another definite advantage is the lack of other campers!

A bit of this and that ...

Congdon trail is located in the Redhouse Area (Northern Portion) of Allegany State Park. It's comprised of 16 cabins situated along one side of a dirt access road which travels parallel to the main road. In other words, it's like one of those "arching" driveways, but much longer.

Between the main road and the gravel access road is a large filed with the occasional tree and shrub. On the other side of the access road, the side in which the cabins are situated is a large wooded hill.

About midway along the gravel road is a common restroom / shower facility. (located almost directly across from cabin #8)

The Restroom Shower

This building is composed of a men's and ladies restroom, a "service" sink room, and two shower rooms.

The restrooms each have two toilets, two sinks with mirrors, a hand dryer and the mens room has a urinal. The toilets are complimented with those great toilet paper dispensers that hold THREE rolls of paper. I've never known them to be empty, even during the peak season.

Next to the sinks there are numerous hooks to hang a jacket, bag or whatever while you wash or brush your teeth.

The service room is simply a heated, lighted room with a big sink in it. Usually it is asked that dishes are not washed there, but it's never seemed to prevent people from doing them.

Two separate showers stalls are in the building. Each has a bench when you first walk in to place clothing shoes and whatever on, then there is another closet sized shower stall. The water is always hot and they work well. One of the showers (nearest the womens room) is handicapped accessible. While this is great for someone who needs it, there is a large bench in the shower itself which means you pretty much have to either sit down to shower, or stand on the bench.

During peak season, this bathroom is very crowded and in the early morning there is bound to be a line of people waiting to shower. Including, no doubt, people from the nearby "Ryan" cabins which has no restrooms or showers (only an outhouse). This wasn't a problem at all in October !!!

Note: There is also an outhouse located at one end of the "trail" near cabins #1-3.

The Congdon Cabins

The first "difficulty" that I noticed is that you have to park on the gravel road and walk a short distance to the cabin. We're only talking perhaps 20 - 30 feet all told, yet it's a nice hill to be walking up over and over again! Most of the other cabin trails are set up so you can park right next to your cabin.

One things to keep in mind however, is that cars driving the road at night won't be glaring their headlights right into the windows from below!

All sixteen cabins are the same in Congdon, with subtle differences with how the porches are. Some are concrete, some have wood over them, some with railings, and some without. Inside they're all the same.

The cabin is one large room with a smaller room to one end which is the "kitchen". This little "room" has plenty of large shelves, drawers and cupboards to store everything in. There's and apartment sized gas range, (some may have electric, I'm not sure) and a good sized counter.

The main room has the refrigerator, a large wooden table with two matching benches and two bunk beds built into the far wall. There are also chairs (in our case one chair) which are big and heavy and double as ladders for the bunks when you fold the back down. The bunk beds are separated by a coat closet. The floors are wooden and the ceiling easily a comfortable 10 feet+ above your head. There is ample gas heat provided via a wall unit and thermostat, and electric for lights and numerous outlets.

One disadvantage to these cabins IS the bunk beds. Many of the other cabins have single beds which you can push together if you want to "cuddle". This beds aren't real narrow, but they don't promote "togetherness" either, so I wouldn't recommend them to couples who either don't want to be REALLY close or don't want to be split apart.

Also being one room , you'd best be sure you are comfortable with the people you will be sharing the cabin with.

Final words

Because of the heat, these cabins are great during the fall and winter months. During the summer, they may be a bit far from the beach and other activities that you may wish to partake of. While these areas are not terribly far away, you would most likely prefer to drive to them.

The two nights stay (Sunday and Monday) in October (off peak) cost $107.00 TOTAL, and while there are people there on the weekends, there was not another soul to be found in any of the other 15 Congdon cabins during our stay.

If you want a quiet, secluded getaway, then this is bound to make you happy. Just bring along some groceries, some clothes, some blankets and pillows and you're good to go.

Oh, one more thing. The windows don't have curtains, so be sure to bring along a couple of old sheets and some thumbtacks as well!

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