Chief Logan State Park

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Chief Logan State Park Logan, West Virginia

Jun 4, 2011
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Pros:Plenty to do for adults and children. Great place for family events.

Cons:The lodge and rec center are to far away from park entrance.

The Bottom Line:

There are plenty of things to do here. Great place for families and outdoor lovers. Some trails are to long. The park is well maintained. Worth the trip.

     If you ever come to visit the southern coal fields of West Virginia, you have to make Chief Logan State Park part of your travel destinations. Chief Logan State Park sits on the outer city limits of Logan, West Virginia. Chief Logan State Park is the host of many events that are held throughout the year. The most famous of these events are the annual "Christmas in the Park." If you are coming to Logan County during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday, make sure you stop at Chief Logan and check out the beautiful displays. During the Christmas Holiday, you can find most of the entire park lit up with Christmas lights. It is truly a wonderful sight that makes the trip well worth while.
     Chief Logan State Park has a little bit of everything to offer during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. If you enjoy hiking, you can walk one of the many trails located inside the park. All the trails are ranked and classed by difficulty. You can stop by the Chief Logan Lodge and Conference Center off of Highway 119 to get your copy of the trails. If you are planning to stay here, it is one of the best in Logan. Since it is located on the side of the mountain, the early morning view is quite amazing. The rooms are very comfortable to stay in. The lodge also has their own kitchen. Even if you are just coming in on business, the full size conference room would be a perfect place to present your presentation. If you are into all the collectibles, the lodge also has a shop.

     Right down from the Chief Logan Lodge is the recreational center. This is a state of the art facility. The recreational center has an olympic size pool. It can also be rented out for wedding events, birthday parties, or family events. They also have a few tennis courts inside and a weight room. This all is located within a covered building, so outdoor weather will never be a problem.

     The only bad thing about the entire experience is the space between the lodge and conference center to the main park entrance. If you leave the lodge and head for Chief Logan State Park by going through Logan, you are looking at a 7 mile trip. It would be about the same if you choose to take Old Logan Road also. If you choose to stay at the lodge, you will be forced to drive 7 miles before you reach the park entrance, which can be inconvenient to some. But once you arrive, there is plenty to due.

     The park has plenty to offer to all. On Memorial Day, the pool opens for the summer season. The pool offers entertainment for all ages. The kids can enjoy the kid pool and cover, while the older kids can enjoy the giant slide. There are two diving boards on the deep side of the pool. The pool has a concession stand with decent prices. You can also rent the pool out for parties of your own. The pool usually host one or two events during the year hosted by DJ Bill France.

     There are basketball courts and tennis courts beside the pool also. The courts are not in the best of shape, but they are good enough to play on. You can also play miniature golf if you wish. The course is nothing spectacular, but a good game can be fun. If you enjoy camping out or your coming in on your RV, you can plug in at the campsite. The campsite is away from everything else in the park so you should still have your privacy. There are bathroom facilities and shower facilities on site.

     If you are a history buff, you can visit the museum. The museum has a great feel to it. Everything inside is well presented and the history lesson is well worth going. Not only do you get information about the park, you get a history lesson on Logan and coal. The museum is beautiful, a real piece of art itself. They also have the famous steam engine outside that use to run the lines around the park.

     The park has plenty of shelters and playgrounds for any family event. All the shelters have bathroom facilities near them. Each playground is different. You can go to the last shelter in the park to get a great spot, which is located in the valley. If offers great shade on a hot day and it is the largest one. Plus, right up the road is the wildlife exhibit. They usually have a few snakes, a bobcat, hawks, and a bear. The animals don't seem to pay no attention for some reason, but it is worth the trip. If you enjoy fishing, you can ride up to the pond that is stocked with thousands of pounds of fish. It is a great place to take your children. The chance of catching a fish is high. The park also offers an exercise trail for those who enjoy walking and working out. The view on this trail is great and you get that outdoor experience with it.

     To end your night, you can visit the outdoor theatre for a nightly show. This facility is breathtaking. It is well kept and seating is not bad. The only bad experience I had was the parking. Depending on which show is being performed, you could find yourself walking a long distance.  Here, you can catch the "Aracoma Story". This is basically the history of the park. Of all the shows they perform, this one takes the cake.

     Chief Logan State Park has plenty to offer and many events held inside that are year round. So whether your coming in for vacation, to visit, or during the holidays, you should always be able to find something to do here. Deer roam the park freely and offer a great wildlife experience. You can also see many squirrels, raccoons, and birds. If you just enjoy walking, the exercise trail and beginner trails are best. If you enjoy a challenge, try the advanced trail. No matter what, if you want the outdoor experience, Chief Logan State Park is the place to go. 

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